Thursday, February 28, 2013

Bourbon's Mochi Chocolat: Chocolate

Bourbon's Mochi Chocolat is a souvenir my Dad got me from his trip to Osaka a few weeks ago. For those of you who might not know what a mochi is, it is a popular traditional snack from Japan made out of rice. Traditionaly, the rice is cooked and pounded into paste, then shaped into round balls. Some mochi are usually filled with bean paste, or any kind of ingredients the maker favors, but some are left with no fillings. 

Bourbon's Mochi Chocolat

This particular mochi that my Dad bought me is filled with chocolate. I guess y'all figured it out already from reading the main title of this post. As you can see, the word "Mochi Chocolat" was written on the packaging, with pictures of three mochi and a pot of swirling chocolate. On the side of the box was a picture of the mochi's anatomy, along with the description of the layers. Unfortunately, I don't understand a single word because it was written in Japanese. Do I have any volunteer translator? 

Can anybody tell me what those words mean?

I opened the thin box and was welcomed with a couple of square-shaped chocolate packaging. They were thin and considered small as they somehow fit on my palms. I'm guessing that the mochi are contained inside those chocolate packaging. There is only one way to find out, right?

What you will find inside the box

Anybody care for a package, or two?

Tear 'em up like savages! Inside the petite packaging you will find two pairs of chocolate mochi. They were very small, very tiny, very unfulfilling for those who have monstrous appetite like me. Because I put the box in the refrigerator beforehand, the mochi were stiff and cold. Try to pinch it, and your thumb and index finger will ache. Been there, done that. 


The mochi was more like a stiff and cold chocolate covered in chocolate-flavored rice cake, instead of mochi with chocolate filling. Get the idea? Even though the whole treat itself was stiff and cold, the longer the mochi stays in a room-temperature area, the more gooey the rice cake skin gets. 

The Japanese snack was sweet from the chocolate. And instead of using milk chocolate, I think they used dark chocolate for the filling, judging from the slightly bitter aftertaste after taking a bite. The mochi came in three layers, chocolate rice cake, dark chocolate, and chocolate ganache. It was delicious and suitable to be consumed when one is bored. And instead of frozen mochi, I prefer to have them slightly melty and gooey. 

Very tiny, don't you think?

The inner sight of the chocolate mochi

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  1. I love mochi, and am going to order these ones, they must be delicious !
    Thanks for your article ! ^^