Saturday, February 2, 2013

Habeeb Turkish Restaurant

Found my way back to Habeeb Turkish Restaurant, last January, and decided to capture the moment in a new way. Instead of the usual photo compilation, this time I made a video!

I dined at the restaurant with my parents and with some friends. We ordered lots of dishes, which were Boneless Chicken plater, Lamb Chops, Shawarma, Turkish Tea, and some French Fries. It was really great to eat at Habeeb Turkish Restaurant. Other than the fact that the restaurant gives you the Middle-East-atmosphere, it also serve excellent food! 

My favorite dish from the restaurant is definitely the Chicken Shawarma, followed by the Lamb Chop. Each shawarma costs 7 Riyal, either Chicken Shawarma or Beef Shawarma, and every bite worth every riyal you spent. Inside the shawarma, you will find chicken meat, veggies, white sauce, and chilly sauce. I prefer to have my shawarma without the white sauce because it tasted a bit off.

The Lamb Chop, on the other hand,  has very thick flesh and is crispy. It tasted savory and very juicy, and it didn't reek of bad odor of lamb. There was only a small amount fat on the Lamb Chop, which was good because I'm not a big fan of fat. The meat was tender and enjoyable, and I simply regret my decision on having just one piece. 

Every dishes are served with layers of Taboon bread, or flatbread, and they are delicious although they tasted bland. The bread are flat and floury, but they are thick and very satisfying. I love eating this bread the most, especially with some chicken meat and chilly sauce!

At the end of our meal, one of the waiters offered us some Turkish Tea. The tea was served in a small glass, more like a small vase actually, made out of glass. Under the glass vase was a silver cup mat, with unique and various patterns carved on it, and there were a couple of sugar cubes on the sides. The tea spoon is what I love the most about the Turkish Tea at Habeeb Turkish Restaurant, because both sides of the spoon bowl has got drawings of flowers on them. It was really beautiful!

It was my first Turkish Tea and, let me tell you, it tasted poles apart compared to the usual tea that I drink back in Indonesia, which is Tong Tji Tea. The tea was very thick and bitter, even though I added two cubes of sugar in it, it would just smack your taste buds the moment it enters your mouth. 

Now, if pictures can make you drool, then I hope a video can make you grab your wallet and sprint to the nearest kebab stand! But, if you prefer to read about Habeeb Turkish Restaurant, Having Shawarma Like Tony Stark is just a click away.

Habeeb Turkish Restaurant
Matar Qadeem, Doha
Ad Dawhah, Qatar

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