Tuesday, February 5, 2013

KitKat: Green Tea

Dad brought back a bunch of Japanese goods from his flight to Osaka, and this Green Tea flavored Kit Kat was one of them. He told me that his friend, Oom Al, recommended him to buy the chocolate because it tasted great. As a person who has never tried flavored KitKats, other than Chocolate KitKat and Vanilla KitKat, I was pretty excited to find out how this particular chocolate tasted like. 

Green Tea flavored KitKat

Made in Japan

I opened the box and I was welcomed with blocks of green-colored boxes. "Have a break, have a Kit Kat," was written on the thin boxes. It was a pretty scenery, it made me feel like as if I was looking at blocks of bright and shining gold. 

The big box contains 10 thin boxes, filled with 3 mini packagings each. 

Are those blocks of gold, or am I seeing things?

Define "Stairway to Heaven"

I opened a box and got myself three small wrappings of KitKat in it. I unwrapped one of them and found myself a pair of soft-green colored KitKat at the size of my pinky. They smelled like Vanilla KitKat, yet I could smell the bitterness of the green tea as well. 

Took a bite of the petite chocolate and it turned out that the chocolate does tasted great! It actually tasted like Vanilla KitKat, but you can definitely taste a hint of green tea in it. The chocolate was very sweet, far from sharing the same taste with matcha, and it was enjoyable.

Each of these has three KitKats in them


Behold, the sweet Green Tea flavored KitKat

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