Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Les Quatre Fantastiques

Dad just got home from his flight to Osaka and he brought me a bunch of Japanese snacks, woohoo! 

The Fantastic Four

Meet Choco,  a cup of chocolate-coated potato chips. My Hiragana skill is bellow average, leading me to not be able to read what's written on the snack's packaging, so I just name this snack "Choco". 

Choco, the chocolate-coated potato chips

This is Nissin Mini Cup Noodle! We have this particular cup noodle back in Indonesia, but most of them are large in size. This mini cup noodle is very petite and adorable, despite the fact that it is merely a cup of instant noodle. It even come with a pair of petite chopsticks. 

Nissin Mini Cup Noodle

Since I'm not able to understand what's written on the packaging, I simply refer this snack as Asahi Biscuit: Caramel and Fruits. I'm guessing that the biscuits are baked with dried fruits, sandwiching a generous amount of caramel cream. I haven't tasted this biscuit yet, but I bet it tasted funky and amusing!

And can we all agree that the packaging itself looks adorable, with those bunnies and fruits, and eye-catching orange-based background?

Asahi Biscuit: Caramel and Fruits

Last but not least, a box of Green Tea Kit Kat, or Uji Matcha Kit Kat. Dad bought this particular box of chocolate because a friend of his recommended him the snack. "He told me that the chocolate tasted great, so I bought it," said Dad. 

Green Tea flavored Kit Kat

I can't wait to get my hand on these unique snacks!

P.S. Thank you Dad for these awesome souvenirs! 

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