Saturday, February 9, 2013

Midnight Bacon-vaganza

Got the midnight hunger? Might as well fry a pack of bacon.

Midnight Bacon-vaganza

- bacon

Cooking Utensils:
- non-stick frying pan

How to Make:
- get yourself some bacon

- unwrap the bacon

- gaze at those beautiful bacon repeatedly

- turn the stove on to medium heat

- defrost the bacon 

Because Dad didn't defrost the bacon before he tear open the packaging, leaving Mom with the duty to heat them frozen bacons by placing them on the frying pan. That's right, that's how we roll! 

- when the bacons have defrosted, organize the bacon on the frying pan 

- fry all those beautiful fat strips 

Because one bacon is never enough.

- stir and flip those juicy bacon until they are evenly fried

- when the color of the bacons changed to dark brown, turn the stove off

- enjoy your bacon with any carbs available 

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