Sunday, February 3, 2013

Nutella & Go: Stick-a-dip-a-do

Who doesn't love Nutella? 
Better yet, who doesn't love a handy-dandy Nutella, with mini biscuit sticks on it sides to munch on? 

A pack of Nutella & Go!

I found this baby on one of the shelfs in the "Snack & Biscuit" aisle of Family Food Centre in Doha, Qatar. Without further a do, I quickly grabbed a pack and put it in the grocery cart. 

Nutella & Go here consists of Nutella and biscuit sticks. This palm-sized half-circle snack pack is very handy and amusing. I mean, don't you just love the dipping? Nonetheless, the amount of Nutella is plentiful, so you would end up with left over when the biscuit sticks were washed out. And what do you do with left over Nutella? Dip a finger, of course! 

The sight of the gorgeous snack