Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Another Michelin-starred Meal


Mango and Raspberry Smoothie

Smoothies are nice, including this one. I'm not a big fan of anything that has raspberry in it, but this one is an exception, mainly because the mango dominated the flavor. The smoothie was very thick and milky, and not too sweet for my taste. 

Breakfast Bakery Basket: Croissant, Cherry Muffin, Arabic Bread, Brown and White Toast

Who doesn't love a bakery basket, right? There were Cherry Muffin, Croissant, and a couple of toast in my bakery bowl, but I didn't see any Arabic Bread. Either the stewardess ran out of bread, or she forgot to put it in there. 

I started with the Cherry Muffin. Fresh cherries are delicious and juicy, but not the preserved ones. Preserved cherries are bright red in color and tasted like an explosion of sugar. The texture is very different compared to fresh cherries in a bad way. I had to remove it from my muffin. It's a good thing that the cherries were only on the surface of the baked good.

The muffin itself was very enjoyable. Not too sweet, not to tasteless. Very fluffy and soft on the inside, yet somewhat stiff and toasty on the outside. I managed to finish the whole thing because it was just that good!

While I was having my muffin, Mom was having herself some Chicken Curry and a plate of fruits. I didn't get to taste Mom's meal, but I bet they were superb.

Lemongrass Chicken Curry, with Nasi Lemak, Sauteed Green beans, Bell Peppers, and Tomato Wedges

Nobu Fruit Plate (Chef Nobu's Artwork)

Cherry Tomato and Chive Frittata, with Grilled Chicken Sausage, Creamed Shiitake Mushroom, and Sauteed Spinach

The first thing that I ate was the Frittata. The egg-based dished was added with cherry tomato and chive, which didn't made it tasted monotone. It was very solid, similar to a hardened pudding but more stiff, when I was hoping for a more creamy texture.

Them side dishes were delicious as well, except the mushroom. My most favored green from the plate was the sauteed spinach. It was well-cooked and tasted bland in a good way. The crisp leafs were also nice, but it was lacking of dressing. 

I tried my best to like the mushroom but my attempt was to no avail. My first bite of the creamy Shiitake Mushroom was horrible. The creamy sauce was nice though, especially if it was with a plate of steak, but not the mushroom. 

Grilled Teriyaki Salmon

The best and my most favorite part of the meal! The salmon tasted great, although not as sweet as it usually tasted like. The skin on the side of the flesh was not crunchy, it became wet and sloppy from the teriyaki sauce, but it was still enjoyable. The only thing that it lacked was another portion.

Main Meal

Nasu Miso (Chef Nobu's Artwork)

The first thing that popped in my mind when I read the name of the food is a bowl of Miso Soup, or Misoshiru. For those who are not familiar with what Miso Soup is, it is a soup made out of broth and fermented soybean paste. It taste savory and salty, most of the time also fishy in a good way. Smelled nice and spicy, and is often added with diced tofu and seaweed, or nori. Other than the fact that the soup is high in protein and vitamin, it is also full of mineral and nutrition. This is why Miso Soup is very popular among Japanese and is considered their cup of tea.

But then, the stewardess came to my seat and served me a plate of a grayish round object, along with a chocolate-colored dipping sauce. "The last time I checked, Miso Soup is liquid," I thought to myself, "what in the world is this?". The gray dumpling-like object had sesame seed on its' surface. It let out a crispy sound when I tried to cut it into half. I don't recall the scent of the food the same as the Misoshiru that I know, it had an alien smell.  

My Mom decided to have a bite first. It didn't take long before she found out what the dish is. It turned out that Nasu Miso is actually Fried Eggplant. "Try it with the sauce, it tasted funny," said Mom. I stick my fork into the eggplant and dipped it into the sauce provided. True, it tasted funny, but in a bad way. The sauce was sweet, as if it was made out of palm sugar and nuts, and it didn't go well with the eggplant. I couldn't finish it, so I gave the remaining appetizer to my Mom.

Bakery Basket: Laugen, Onion, Sourdough, and Wholemeal Roll

My favorite would be the Laugen bread! Laugen bread and Pretzel share the same main ingredients, hence the same flavor and texture. What was lacking from the Laugen bread that night is a sprinkle of sea salt on it. Fortunately, salt was available through out the flight, so I poured some on the bread and indulged.

Clear Soup, with Crispy Rice and Mushroom (Chef Nobu's Artwork)

Why did I ordered a mushroom dish when it's obvious that I dislike mushroom? Well, I hate the fact that I don't like mushroom, so I was determined to make me like it. 

The clear soup was dark red and slightly orange in color. It has various kinds of mushroom decorating the surface of the soup and as well as the bottom. The soup itself was nice, very flavorful and spicy, not to mention hot. At the bottom of the bowl was another food stuff beside mushroom, which was a couple Crispy Rice. Cripsy Rice is, well, a clump of rice that has crispy texture. It share the same texture with slightly burnt rice, all chewy on the inside and slightly crunchy on the outside. Now, this particular Crispy Rice tasted sweet, similar to the kind of rice that we found in sushi. I like it so much, I think it tasted delightful and amusing. 
I ate the mushroom and I tried to enjoy it, but I couldn't seem to like it.. not even the slightest bit! It seemed like another attempt of mine to agree with people about how mushroom tasted nice failed once again. I ended up didn't finish the soup. Fortunately, Mom is a mushroom lover, so I gave my dish to her. 

Braised Bean Curd with Shimeji and Shiitake Mushroom in Soy Sauce, with Vegetable Fried Rice, Kale, Steamed Carrots, and Asparagus

Vegetarian meal tasted bland. The rice was bland, as well as the bean curd, and don't get me started on the steamed veggies. Luckily, there was this gooey soy sauce that made the dish had more flavor in it. The asparagus and the carrots were well-steamed, they were not stiff and tough, yet soft and teeth-friendly. Even if the braised bean curd tasted bland, it was still enjoyable if you eat it with the rice and soy sauce. I like the dish, despite the fact that it was tasteless, because it was made entirely out of healthy food stuff.

Vanilla Pannacotta, with Passion Fruit Sauce (Chef Tom's Artwork)

Pannacotta, ladies and gentleman, is a type of pudding that originated from Italy. The basic ingredients to make Pannacotta are milk, cream, sugar, and gelatin. The Vanilla Pannacotta that I had was my first Pannacotta that I have ever eaten, and it didn't taste that bad.. good actually!

The sweet and stomach-filling Pannacotta had an egg-y and milky flavor in it. Luckily, the sour, yet sweet, Passion Fruit Sauce helped neutralizing the flavor. Pannacotta share the same texture with pudding, but more firm and slightly less creamy. In my opinion, one portion of Qatar Airways' Vanilla Pannacotta will make you feel full, yet only filled half of your empty stomach.

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