Monday, March 18, 2013

Bourbon's Mochi Chocolat: Strawberry

When my Dad went to Osaka, he brought home two packs of Bourbon mochi, one is chocolate flavored and the other is strawberry. I posted about the chocolate mochi before, and today, I shall describe to you how gooey and sour the strawberry ones were.

Strawberry flavored mochi

Adorable pink colored packaging

I didn't put my mochi in the fridge before I ate them because I wanted to know the texture of the filling when it is at a room temperature. I unwrapped a pack and was welcomed by four pieces of pink-colored rice cake. They looked adorable, the color reminded of of a Japanese cherry blossom. 

The Japanese sweet was very gooey and elastic, and they were sticky as well, just how I like my mochi. It consisted of three different layers: rice cake skin, strawberry yogurt, and strawberry jam. I took a small bite and, as I savor it, the flavor of the filling was sour, yet still sweet. I don't usually like strawberry jam, but this one is an exception. 

Because the mochi was stored in the room-temperature food cabinet beforehand, the filling underneath the rice cake was gooey and yogurt-like. It was delightful and delicious! I couldn't take a picture of the inner part of the mochi because it looked ugly after you take a bite, so pardon my lack of imagery. 

The sight of the Strawberry mochi

Small and gooey, simply delectable

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