Monday, March 18, 2013

Bumblebee Water Bottle

My best friends, Icha and Dila, went to Singapore last month and got me this awesome Bumblebee water bottle - thank you guys, I love it! The liquid container is big and tall, maybe enough to store a liter of water. And what I love the most about the water bottle is that is came with a flip straw. How can you not love a flip straw? Even though I'm not the number one fan when it comes to Transformer, it excites me to have such merchandise. My Dad though, whose laptop's desktop background is Optimus Prime, was thrilled when I told him about my new water bottle.

Meet Bumblebee

It comes with a flip straw, how awesome is that?

And it's not just a regular water bottle. When you open the lid, you will see packs and packs of gummy candies. There is enough gummy candies for everybody! The candies share the same shape with orange. They come in four different flavors, judging from the different color packaging - yellow, blue, red, and green. But, I have only figured out one flavor so far, which is guava. 

Those gummy candies were sweet and chewy they were hurting my sensitive teeth. They were coated with sugar, so, for those who have sensitive teeth, or maybe even cavities, should be careful.


Each pack contains a pair of orange-shaped gummy candy

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