Monday, March 18, 2013

Chestnuts: An Epic Fail Story

One day, after an appointment with my Chiropractor, Mom and I made a quick trip to Ranch 99 Market. We were going to buy some vegetables and snack, but we ended up buying a bag of chestnuts instead. After we pay for our nuts at the cashier, we went straight back home and proceed to cook the chestnuts confidently without following any How-to-Make instructions from the internet. Boy, were we wrong.. 

A gorgeous bag of Chestnuts

Not knowing the proper way to make Chestnuts become edible, Mom washed the nuts and put them in a steamer pot for hours. We just wait patiently, hoping that the Chestnuts would turn out well-cooked, cracked, and deliciously edible. An hour passed and there were no sign of any crack on our nuts. Two hours passed. Three hours passed. Nothing happened to our chestnuts. Mom decided to take a piece and took a bite. "It's not cooked," she said, "where did I go wrong?". 

The next day, Mom tried to boil the steamed Chestnuts, but her result was to no avail. Those Christmas treats reeked and ended up spoiled. 

Clean them with water

It turns out, the proper way to roast Chestnuts is for you to drown them in water for 8 hours before hand, then boil them in a pan. The result of the action would be a perfectly-cooked nuts that tasted sweet and nutty. It's as simple as that! 

Long story short, our first attempt to roast Chestnuts failed. The next time Mom and I tried to roast them, we would definitely follow the instruction properly. 

Do not steam them like we did!

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