Friday, March 8, 2013

Fruit Dream Tea

Yesterday, I made my way back to Gudang Rottie after almost two months not stepping a foot to the restaurant. Nothing much have change, only some addition to the menu and a new look on the pastry display. What caught my attention was the selection of tea that was totally different compared to the one I remembered. The barista usually use tea bags to serve tea, but this time, they used an acorn-shaped tea infuser. Since I was very curious, I decided to skip coffee and had myself a cup of tea instead. 

Gudang Rottie's Fruit Dream Jar

"We don't use tea bag anymore, we use a more unique tools this time," said Kak Fandy, one of the barista. There were small jars organized on the bar counter, four of them with different names on each jar. There were "Moroccan Mint", "English Breakfast", "Earl Grey", and five other names which escaped me. I assume those were the name of the tea. As I browse the jars diligently, my attention was caught by one of the jars with "Fruit Dream" written on it. I handed the jar to Kak Fandy and he straight away made my tea. 

This is what you will find inside the jar

Inside the jar was a pile of dried foodstuff that I'm not familiar with. I could spot some raisins, but I'm not even sure if it is raisin or not. Dried petals, dried leafs, and dried fruit shell is some other examples of things that I managed to observe. The scent of the dried foodstuff was sour and sweet, slightly alike with tamarind.

Those maroon colored dried stuff were then scooped with a spoon and put in inside an acorn-shaped tea infuser, followed by dipping the whole thing inside a cup of hot water. It didn't take long before the transparent beverage changed color into dark magenta. The aroma that came out from the beverage was sweet and cherry-like, unlike the one in the jar. When the tea is properly infused, I stirred it and took a sip. 

The sight of the tea infuser

Fruit Dream Tea tasted like cherry. Period. It had that sweetness of a cherry - not like a cough-syrup, but more like an actual cherry fruit - even though sour dominated the flavor. I didn't add any sugar to my tea to emphasize the original tang. I was entertained and amused by how the taste of the tea turned out. 

Enjoy your cup of Fruit Dream Tea

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