Friday, March 8, 2013

Gille's Double Chocolate Crisps

I bought this box of cookies at EPCOT, Disney World, during my trip to Orlando, Florida. My parents and I were strolling around EPCOT World Showcase: Norwegia when my Mom suddenly tap me on my hand and said, "Look! Look! Those cookies tasted awesome," while pointing at a stack of black boxes with printed picture of cookies on them. "Man, those cookies sure tasted great," she added. "Have you ever tasted them," I asked. Mom enthusiastically replied with, "I haven't! But I bet they tasted delicious. Just look at that picture of cookies on the box, don't they look delicious?". Without further ado, we grabbed a box and headed to the cashier. Each box costed $6.95, minus the tax. The only way to find out whether or not we made the right decision to purchase it is by taking a bite. 

Made in Sweden

A week after our trip to Orlando was when my parents and I decided to taste the Sweden cookies. The box was beautiful, it looked elegant and very luxurious. On the sides of the box were foreword about the cookies, in English and in Swedish, with an addition of "Made in Sweden" after the paragraphs end. On the other hand, the backside of the box was decorated with Nutrition Facts and Ingredients. 

I was very careful not to ruin the packaging when I tear the box open, plus enjoying the anxious moment of discovering new food. When the box was teared open, I pulled out a pack of cookie container that was wrapped with plastic. I was surprised by the fact that there were only seven cookies inside that box.

Seven cookies from a box that could fit in more than a dozen Oreos? Either the cookie was a rip-off, or the cookie is one damn good cookie. There's only one way to find out. . .

Gille - for good cookies

I took a piece from the container and break it into three pieces, one for me and the other for my parents. The cookie didn't look promising, as it looked airy and dry, not to mention the fact that the inner part of the cookie was hollow. "This is it, the moment we all have been waiting for," I said to myself. Nomnomnom ~ 

With one bite, I froze like when Hermione saw the reflection of Basilic on her mirror. 

Seven cookies in one box

Look at those chocolate circling the cookies

Want some?

Its' dry, airy, and hollow appearance fooled me. The cookie was EPIC! It was beyond delicious, unlike any other cookies I have ever tasted. This Swedish cookie was probably the best cookie I have ever had. It tasted like oat, similar to Corn Flakes, but a much better one. The cookie was slightly sweet, but not sugary. 

See that chocolate circling the edge of the cookie? Dammit, that is one fine chocolate!

Every single tiny bite I took set me to bed of roses. There was not a single thing that I hate from the Swedish treat. I love it, my Mom loved it, and my Dad loved it. After our first cookie was finished, we took another one and saved the other five for days to come. It was the best midnight snack we had. 

Words may not describe the awesomeness of this cookie well. You have to taste it for yourself to agree with me. So, for those who are planning to go to EPCOT, Disney World, don't forget to buy yourself a box. It worth every dollar and you won't regret a thing. 

Those cookies were EPIC!

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