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Negeri Paman Sam: Georgetown Cupcake, DC

On the third day during my stay at Washington D.C., my parents and I headed to Georgetown to enjoy to beauty of an old town. Compared to D.C., I like Georgetown better, because there were always an interesting shop in every corner of the street. Shops like the official Nike Store, fancy boutiques that sells peculiar yet fashionable dresses, an Irish bar, a big bank, and many more. The people who roamed the streets of Georgetown were not so few. There was even this drunkyard on the streets who disturbs and sexually harass women. Speaking about interesting shop in the corner of the street, guess what I found?

*drum rolls*    Georgetown Cupcake, a.k.a. DC Cupcakes by Sophie and Katherine! 

The long line just outside Georgetown Cupcake

For those who watch TLC ought to know what DC Cupcakes is. It is a TV Show about a cupcake shop owned by this lovely sisters named Katherine Kalinis and Sophie LaMontagne. The show is often about how the two of them create a big statue made out of cupcake to fulfill a customer's order, sometimes they create a whole new cupcake with their staff and Mom to be sold to the cupcake-loving consumers. 

Watching the show itself made me drool excessively. Seeing all those freshly baked chocolate cupcake being decorated with DC Cupcake's signature ganache and frosting shape, then topped with toppings or heart-shaped fondant, tormented me physically and mentally. I always ended up hungry and having the needs to eat something sweet like, I don't know, cupcakes. 

The thought of me visiting the sweet shop and bought myself a Red Velvet Cupcake had never crossed my mind. Seriously! But then "We're going to Washington," Dad said and BOOM! there I was lining up on the not-so-long-yet-still-exciting-and-nerve-wrecking queue.

The staff handed out menu for us to pick our cupcakes

Is this the queue line to a roller coaster ride? 

Georgetown Cupcake's operating hours

I waited for about 15 minutes to enter the shop. There were people in front of me, and also behind me, getting excited about what cupcakes to chose and how many they were going to buy. I waited there excitedly, and also slightly uneasy, reading the menu. Going through the menu made me feel like Santa Claus sorting out the kids to go to the Good List, or the Naughty List. It was endless. And the more you put your mind to pick a flavor, the more frustrated you will get, because at one point you just wished that you could buy every cupcakes sold in that shop. 

There was a staff outside that controls the movement of the line. 3 people out, 5 people in. 6 people out, 10 people in. That is how the system works. One time, she climbed the traffic light and shouted to the people queueing about how they should decide what cupcakes they want to buy at that moment and that there is a special flavored cupcake everyday. "Vegan cupcakes are also available in our cupcake shop," she added. 

Finally, it was my turn to enter the shop. As I stepped a foot into the place, I was mesmerized by the grand display of colorful cupcakes at the counter table. behind me was a giant frame filled with DC Cupcakes merchandise, such as T-Shirt, bags, and even books with a picture of Sophie and Katherine on it. On my right side was a tall black board with clip-on small tags to write the name of the cupcakes on. It's a menu board that informed the customers about "Today's Cupcakes".

DC Cupcakes merchandise

The menu changes everyday

I decided that I would buy three cupcakes, one for each member of my family. It was very difficult to pick the flavor because I WANT THEM ALL. But, I finally made up my mind and went for the Mint Cookies and Cream, Chocolate 2, and Red Velvet. 

I still had to queue inside because it took a while for the people in front of me to place their orders, so I took some shots during to spare time. 

At one point, I couldn't help but to feel all giddy in an exciting way. 

Would you look at those stacks of cupcakes?

Salted Caramel Cupcakes, yum!

Who wouldn't want a piece of this lovely treat?

Dibs on the Red Velvet!

Trays of perfectly garnished cupcakes

I made my way to the counter and placed my orders. The one who served me was an African-American young adult who was very friendly and kind, even though the place was swarmed with cupcake-enthusiast and things were a bit busy and hectic. After I ordered my cupcake, I was given a receipt with numbers on it and was told to wait. It turned out that the numbers on the receipt will be called when our cupcakes are ready. As I waited for my cupcakes, I shotted some flash.

The sight of the beautiful cupcake-decorated counter and the cashier lady

One of the workers at the cupcake palace, her job is to put the ordered cupcakes into the boxes

One of the customer's cupcake

A pair of cupcakes, ready to be boxed

Endless trays of cupcakes that tormented your feels

One of the workers in Georgetown Cupcake who was busy decorating the lovely baked goods

After I got my cupcakes, I got out from the store and went to the other side of the street with my parents to indulge.

An all new episode of DC Cupcakes!

I got my share, woohoo!

I opened the box and was welcomed by three gorgeous looking cupcakes. My cupcake is the Mint Cookie and Cream, while Mom got the Red Velvet and Dad got the Chocolate 2. But we share our cupcakes with each other though, so I technically eat all of the baked goods that I bought. 

Each cupcakes costed $2.75 and there was only one way to eat it.. slowly. 

Left to Right: Chocolate 2, Mint Cookies and Cream, Red Velvet

I have to put this here, do mind me
Picture taken by my Dad

Mint Cookies and Cream
Madagascar bourbon vanilla cupcake baked with oreo crumbles topped with a mint oreo crumble-infused buttercream frosting

This cupcake tasted so good, minty and crumbly. They used a generous amount of oreo crumbles as well. The buttercream frosting was not creamy, nor fudgy, and not even gooey. I thought that the texture would be like ice cream, but I stand corrected. The frosting was frosting-y. Sweetness overload describe the condition of the frosting well, my teeth were hurting. But still, it tasted so good I wanted more. 

The minty and crumbly Mint Cookies and Cream

Chocolate 2
Valrhona chocolate cupcake with a whipped Callebaut chocolate frosting topped with a fondant flower

asdfghjkl I can't even begin to describe this delicious bastard. I have no idea what Valrhona, nor Callebaut, is, but the one thing I know that they tasted damn good! The chocolate was bitter in a good and sinfully delicious way. One bite and it literary melted in your mouth. Gooey and delightful are the definition of Chocolate 2's chocolate frosting. This particular cupcake made me, and still makes me, want to use bad words that starts with an "f" to describe how good it tasted. 

The oh-so-gooey-and-delightful Chocolate 2

Red Velvet
Georgetown Cupcake's signature cupcake - classic red velvet cupcake with a vanilla cream cheese frosting topped with a red fondant heart

Now this is a genuine Red Velvet, Ladies and Gentlemen! Every single Red Velvet that I have ever tasted is nothing compared to this baby. They should make an Oscar for cupcakes and nominate Georgetown Cupcake's Red Velvet in the "Best Red Velvet Cupcake Ever Seriouslyi'm notjokingyouhavetotrustmetryitforyourself" category. Every component of this Red Velvet Cupcake, say the vanilla cream cheese frosting and the red velvet cake, worked out perfectly. The word to fits the cupcake is "BOW DOWN BEFORE ME, PEASANTS!".

The almighty Red Velvet

We were in front of people's flat lounging around eating our cupcake and laugh inaudibly at those who were still lining up outside the shop. The line got longer by the minute. It's a good thing I got there early. 

I was delightfully happy when the cupcakes were finished. A bit sad though because we ran out of cupcakes. But still happy as a clam. The next time I go to Georgetown, I'm gonna pay another visit to Sophie's and Katherine's cupcake shop and buy me some Salted Caramel and Chocolate 2. 

Dad and his chocolaty goodness

Mom and Dad, ready to devour the cupcakes

3301 M Street NW (Corner of 33rd and M)
Washington, DC 20007

Phone: 202-3338448

Operating Hours:
Monday - Saturday: 10 AM - 9 PM
Sunday: 10 AM - 8 PM

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