Sunday, March 24, 2013

Negeri Paman Sam: Honeydukes, Zonko's, and Chocolate Frogs

At Hogsmeade, I went inside Honeydukes to discover the wide selection of sweets that Harry and the gang usually have. The inside of the shop was very bright and colorful. There were candies everywhere, Bertie Bott's Every Flavor Candy, Candy Quill, Sherbet Lemon, you name it! It was a really fun and magical sight, Honeydukes is. 


A grand display of Chocolate Frogs for those who love window shopping

Bright and colorful describe Honeydukes perfectly

Lots and lots of candy you will find in here

The sweet shop is very small and compact, I had to squeeze myself through people to get in. There were shelfs everywhere, with different candies displayed on every area. It is also connected to Zonko's Joke Shop, making it efficient if you also want to get yourself some U-NO-POO. There you can find unique sweets and gizmos, while being entertained with endless laughter roaming around the red-colored shop. Some of the items that you will find are the Chattering Teeth, the Extendable Ears, Boxing Telescope, and Chinese Fortune Sticks. 

A connecting passage to Zonko's

Behold, an inside sight of Zonko's Joke Shop

The joke shop is brick red in color

But, to be honest, I do think that Wizarding World of Harry Potter is like a daylight robbery. Most of the candies were very expensive - $10 for a pack of Bertie Bott's, I mean, come on? I had a very limited budget during my trip to Orlando, so I could only buy an item or two from Honeydukes. Considering the fact that I might ended up not liking Bertie Bott's ear-wax flavored jelly bean, I decided to buy the Chocolate Frogs instead. I took my chance knowing that the frog might jump right out the box and run away from me. But, I would still have the wizard card in the end! Who knows, maybe I would get an Albus Dumbledore, or a Helga Hufflepuff.

Bertie Bott's Every Flavor Candy

Chocolate Frogs

✈   ✈   

After a long wait, I finally unlocked the famous Chocolate Frog. The pentagon box was very very beautiful, just like the one in the movie. Dark blue was the box's based color, and it was embroidered with patterns and writings in gold color. On the side of the box was a "Free Wizards and Witches Card Inside" written. Who wouldn't get excited after you read something like that?

Chocolate Frog

"Free Wizard and Witches Card Inside"

I opened the box and found myself a heavy chunk of dark chocolate wrapped in plastic. "Oh my gosh, this is it," I thought. It's a good thing the frog didn't jump out and sprint to a nearby pond, otherwise there goes my $10. 

Underneath the chocolate was the famous card. I got Albus Dumbledore! The card was really fancy, it is a hologram and Dumbledore moves as the card moves. On the back side of the card was a short paragraph about the Hogwarts headmaster himself. "Dumbledore's self-proclaimed proudest achievement, however, was featuring on a Famous Wizards Chocolate Frog Card." What makes the card different from the one in the movie is that the headmaster didn't leave after a few minutes I glance at the card, he will stay in it forever. 

Watch out, it might jump out and frees itself!

Look underneath the chocolate, and there you will find the Hogwarts headmaster

I got Professor Dumbledore's card

The description written on the backside of the card

The chocolate frog itself was very heavy. There were no nuts, nor toffee, inside. It is merely made out of a block of milk chocolate. I tasted a wee bit of the chocolate and it was really delicious! But, it is more of a hot-chocolate-drink kind of chocolate, instead of the one that you would gulp in less than a minute. I'm saving my frog for a rainy day. 

This chocolate was very heavy

A bird's eye view of the frog

There was nothing inside, it is only a block of chocolate


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    1. Hello, Ashley. As long as you credited my photo properly, then, yes you may use it. Good luck with your assignment, and do update me with the link of the assignment in which you use my photo in it. Have a good day! :)