Thursday, March 21, 2013

Negeri Paman Sam: The Little Things She Ate

I shall warn you about how random this particular post is, because it is a compilation of the food and snack that I had for ten days during my trip to America. Imagine the amount of food that I ate in a period of ten days. Now, imagine them being squished together in one post. Happy scrolling!

Baked Roll

I ate a lot of bread-related goods in America, starting from Hotdogs that you can find on the streets, Sandwich from Union Station, Georgetown's Kebab, airport Pizza, a slice of Spinach Pie, an ugly roll and bad Burritos, and an Italian dish named Stromboli. They were all very delicious, crusty and floury, and the filling was plentiful. As expected from America. 

A food vendor on the street

Cheap Hotdogs from a food truck near the United Stated Holocaust Memorial Museum

The food court in Union Station

In the midst of grilling grounded beef

Philly Cheesesteaks Sandwich from the Great Steak

Mom's Philly Cheesesteaks Sandwich

Dad's sandwich from Subway

Hammy Sandwich from Pot Belly Sandwich Shop

Taco Bell's Burrito meal set

Burrito was very painful for me to digest

Pulled-pork Sandwich, with Mac&Cheese and Sweet Potato as side dishes

The Kebab that I ate at Georgetown was very delicious! We ordered two plate of dish, which name escaped me, which was served with a wide flatbread and salad. The food here were surprisingly very delicious, not to mention well-present!

What we had for lunch at Grill Kabob in Georgetown

Salad and grilled chicken

A flatbread that came with a small bowl of curry chickpeas

I drool at the sight of this perfectly toasted bread

Beef and Cheese Stromboli

Mom's Spinach Pie

Dad's All-Meat Pizza

Frozen Treats

Ice cream is best to be eaten when it's -3˚ Celsius and windy outside. 

One time, I found a food truck near United States Capitol and decided to buy a pack of Chocolate Chip Ice Cream Sandwich that costed $4 each (which tasted good and fudge-like). And then, another day, I found a pack of Oreo Klondike Bar at Chinatown when it was super windy outside. Frozen treats are simply one of the best food I purchased in America. 

Snack food truck near the Capitol

Good Humor Chocolate Chip Ice Cream Sandwich (what a name)

Enjoying my ice cream with the Capitol as the view

Klondike Oreo for the win!

Look how beautiful this ice cream sandwich is!

It's like a giant Oreo, but with ice cream in between the biscuits instead of the dislikable creme

Tutti Fruity Frozen Yogurt with Almond, Pecans, and Walnuts

Caramel Brownie Sundae Dippindots

Nestle Dibs Crunch

Bite-sized ice cream? Genius!

Asian Dishes

Much to my surprise, there were lots of Chinese restaurant in Washington. The dished tasted great, they were very delicious and stomach-filling. American portion is much bigger than Indonesian portion, making my parents and I able to share a box of rice, veggies, and meat for dinner.

And the best thing from ordering dishes in a Chinese restaurant is that you will get yourself a Fortune Cookie!

Stir-fried Veggetables

A box of rice and two kinds of meat

I had rice, broccoli, and shrimp for lunch once

The best thing from Chinese restaurants, Fortune Cookies!

Miscellaneous Eats

A friend of mine from high school named Michael is currently attending school at America. Before I flew to Washington, we skyped and he told me some food and snacks that I have to try. Cheez-It was one of them. He told me to buy the blue one, but I couldn't find any, so I sticked with the red one. I thought I would like the cheesy snack, but I stand corrected.

100% real cheese? I doubt it. 

Dad's Grilled Ribs

During our stay in Orlando, we didn't spend much on eating at a restaurant. We often spend some dollars to buy groceries, such as bread, ready-to-eat meat, cheese, and snacks. We called it "Sad Eats", because we simply had a sad pile of sandwich for breakfast, lunch, and dinner instead of having a plate of fancy food from a restaurant. But, by buying groceries at a mini market near our hotel, we saved a lot of money from our rather tight budget, so everything went better than expected.

Hotel's breakfast

Our groceries

Making sandwich for our lunch at Disney World

Potato buns with cheese, bacons, and salami

Lunch is served!

Lucky Charm, the most magical cereal on earth!

Breakfast of champions
Instagram photo

Bacon and Cheese Popcorn, genius!

Very salty batch of popcorns

A cup of Hot Chocolate, topped with whipped cream, from Starbucks


Because McDonald is America, that's why!

My parents and I, along with Oom Benny and his family, had McDonald for lunch during our trip to the Smithsonian Institute of Air and Space. It was the only restaurant available in the museum after complimentary water fountains. The place were packed with people from all over Washington, but luckily we got ourselves some seats.

Fries, burgers, and sodas were the dishes that we had that day. Those fries were golden brown and very crispy, I would finish another bag if I could. My favorite kind of french fries is when you eat it with chilly sauce. It just brings out the tastiness of the deep-fried potato. On the one hand, the burgers were also delicious. The McDonald here is very different from the one we have in Indonesia. Even if the food are equally unhealthy, American McDonald is more delicious. 

Dat French Fries were so good

The Mighty Simple Quarter Pounder for lunch

Why do unhealthy food have to taste so good?

My Quarter Pounder

Refillable Soda, at your service!

I had me some Minute Maid Orange that tasted weird

And there you have it, the little things I ate within ten days! A lot don't you think?

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  1. Gosh, what a trip! I drooled endlessly while scrolling want more random food! :D