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Negeri Paman Sam: Waffle House

When my parents and I first arrived at Orlando, Florida, we immediately got a cab and drove to Kissimmee - where our inn is located. Traveldoge Suites East Gate Orange was the name of the place that we were staying at. There was this big souvenir shop in the shape of an orange right beside the hotel's entrance and a dinner named Waffle House next to it. We were pretty hungry that night, so we went to the dinner and had diner. Much to my surprise, we fell in love in an instant. 

Waffle House near Travelodge Suites East Gate Orange

The most important rule to dine at Waffle House

I had a dream to eat at a diner in America and I scored my goal at Waffle House. The place was gorgeous! Very old school and very diner-like, just like the movies - an open kitchen, friendly and talkative staff, and a fully-operational jukebox. The place was not swarmed with people during our first visit, which was a good thing because that way the staff would pay their full attention to us. 

We were seated on a very nice and simple wooden sofa, with a table attached on them. On the side of our table was a set of condiments courtesy of Waffle House - ketchup, mustard, salt, pepper, you name them! We were able to see the staff cook as we sat, the kitchen is just a thin wall away from us. I love the kitchen with all those waffle machines and griddle, it was very movie-like. 

Complimentary condiments for us to dine with

The view of the kitchen from where we sat

Don't you just love this kind of table-sofa seat?

A fully-operational modern jukebox

Dad was tempted to play a song from the TouchTunes

The menu was very fun to read. It got pictures and catchy phrases in it. The food that the diner served are Waffles, Bacon, Ham & Sausage, Has Browns, Chilly, refillable Iced Tea, and many more. They even have Ice Cream Pie! How awesome is that, right?  

We had been coming back and forth to Waffle House for three days, not in a row (I know you were expecting me to say that, but no), ordering different dishes to satisfy our needs for greasy and oily food. We usually eat at this restaurant at night, after we got back from Disney World, or Universal Studios. When we were drained, we just entered the diner and ordered some Hash Browns and Waffles. 

Fortunately, the place was not that packed at night, it usually is in the morning. One morning, when my parents and I were waiting for our shuttle that will take us to Disney World, I saw tons of people having breakfast at Waffle House. Kids, adults, and even senior citizens could be found there munching on Pork Chops and sandwiches. 

Chek out the menu

Endless options of breakfast-for-dinner

It was fun to see the staff cook. There were six waffle machines in the kitchen, a wide griddle to cook meat product, numerous spatula to work with, lines of white plates to place our food on, containers to store some basic ingredients, coffee brewers, a fridge to store beef and pork, and many other fancy gadgets that I'm not familiar with. 

Eating at a diner made me feel like as if I'm in a movie. No one knows what's going to happen at a diner. The Terminator could walk right into the restaurant as we dine and open fire as it convince people that it came from the future to kill someone. Or, instead of the Terminator, an old lady who can't barely walk entered the diner and ordered a medium-raw steak, and munch as she insult someone's unborn baby, then go cannibal as she crawls on the diner's wall. Who knows?

One of the staff, pouring batter to the waffle machine

DING! and your waffle is ready 

Three staff, one shift

Have you ever wondered why the cook is always bald?

In the midst of making French Toast


A big T-bone Steak

Grill that pork chop to perfection

I bet you're pretty curious about what we had at Waffle House, so here is the compilation of what we had for that particular three days,

Needless to say that the food here tasted superb, despite all those comment on the internet about how unhygienic the place is. I didn't see any cockroach or rats at the Waffle House I dine at, and the food was flawless, meaning there wasn't any strain of hair in my Mom's bowl of chilly. 

I had me some waffles because why not? My first waffle was perfect! The amount of batter used was just right, making it grilled to the right crispiness in just one minute and a half. The color of the waffle was also beautiful, nicely tanned and dark. Pour it with some maple syrup, add a slice of bacon, cut it into small pieces and indulge. My first official breakfast-for-dinner dish at Waffle House was B-E-A-utiful in so many levels!

Unfortunately, my second waffle that I had on a different day was so-so. One of the staff used to much batter, making the waffle unevenly toasted. The middle of it was slightly gooey, unlike my first waffle which was crunchy and flawless. I couldn't finish the last quarter because it got heavy as the maple syrup sink in. 

Maple syrup, yuuuummm!

What's the point of eating at Waffle House if don't order yourself some waffle?

I like my waffle with Maple Syrup
I believe you notice how this picture is from my Instagram, judging from the filter I used

My second plate of waffle that didn't taste as good as my first one

If Bacon Pancakes exists, I don't see why Bacon Waffle can't

And then there was the salad that consisted of "Romaine & Iceberg Lettuce, Tomato, Carrots, and Purple Cabbage". There were slices of Horseradish in my salad though, I don't know why they put it there even though it is not written on the menu. 

I had my salad with Balsamic sauce, which tasted sour yet refreshing. Eating that bowl of salad only made me full. I don't know if I could eat a plate of waffle, or a medium-sized Hash Brown afterwards. 

A bowl of fresh and juicy Garden Salad

Glaze it up with some Balsamic Sauce

Mom was, and is, a fan of Waffle House's Bert's Best Bowl of Chilly. Chilly is actually a kind of stew that contains chili pepper, meat, tomato, and beans. It's the kind of dish that best to be indulged during a rainy and windy day, or simply during snow days, because it is served hot. 

Waffle House's chilly was served with a generous amount of crackers, along with some grilled ham and Jalapeño, topped with slightly melted cheddar cheese. It was very tasty, I like it. But, I prefer to have waffles or salad than chilly. 

Ben's Special Chilly Bowl, with crackers on the side

That cracker made everything tasted good

Another bowl of Chilly

Pork Chops, Toast, and Hash Browns were what Dad had at Waffle House. Those Pork Chops were well-done and they were beyond delicious. Oily and fatty, yet meaty and very stomach-filling. The pork came with a beautiful golden brown toast and a pile of savory and crispy Hash Browns. Dad's dish was hardcore. It was the dinner set of champions.

Dad's dinner

A pair of Pork Chop, a golden brown Toast, and a pile of Hash Brown 

I couldn't help but to favor the Hash Browns. They were crunchy, crispy, savory, crusty, and simply delectable. I had my Hash Browns with diced ham, and it was delicious! It was a medium-sized Has Browns that I had, meaning two portions of it piled into one, and I managed to finish it all by myself. I would finish another portion if I could.

Medium-sized Has Brown

Medium-sized Has Brown with Hams

On the third day, Mom ordered herself a big plate of T-bone Steak instead of her usual bowl of chilly. Dad, on the one hand, abandoned his usual plate of pork chop and went for the chilly bowl instead. As for me, I too gone turbo and ordered myself a big bowl of salad instead of waffle. I regret nothing though, because every single food that they serve in Waffle House was awesome!

Mom's epic dinner, the T-bone Steak, with Toast and Hash Browns as side dishes

Waffle House
Adjacent to Travelodge Suites Gate Orange
5399 West Irlo Bronson
Kissimmee, FL 34746 US
Orlando, Florida

Open Hours: 24 Hours (epic.)

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