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Pulau Dewata: Flapjaks

Flapjaks: House of Pancake and Home-made Gelato was one of the restaurant that my parents and I visited during our stay in Sanur. The dining place was only a few steps away from the hotel that we were staying at, Sukun Bali Cottage, in Sanur. I recall the fact that we got lost for a bit because we took a wrong turn, but the restaurant was actually not that difficult to find. 

On the entrance gate, you will see this big statue of a chef, with a funky-moustache and a big "FLAPJAKS" written behind him in red, holding a plate of Pancakes on his right hand and three scoops of ice cream on a cone on his left hand. The staff welcomed us and placed us on the outdoor seats. She handed some menu, food menu and drink menu, and lent us time to go through every pages. 

It was five in the evening at that time, which was patchy because it was passed Tea Time and it was too early for us to have an early dinner. But, bah-humbug, we ended up ordering ourselves some thirst-quenching drinks, Potato Wedges, Pork Ribs, and Pancakes. I had me a glass of fresh Watermelon Juice which was very refreshing and pleasing to both my taste buds and throat. 

My Watermelon Juice and Mom's Cantaloupe Juice

Dad's Coca Cola

It didn't take long before our orders were up and served on the table. We started our post-tea-time-early-dinner with a bowl Potato Wedges. Them crispy and crunchy wedges were served with a cup of Cream Cheese, that was rather light and very scrumptious. I love the flavor combination produced from dipping the Potato Wedges to the cream, it was savory and salty, sizzling hot and cold, and very tasty!

Potato Wedges, with Cream Cheese

Crispy and savory wedges for starters

This Cream Cheese was very delicious!

Our other dish that we share among the three of us was a plate of Pork Ribs. The ribs were available in different weights and sizes. Knowing that we wouldn't probably finish the whole ribs if we were to have it that time, we decided to order just half of it. Or was it a quarter ribs?

The ribs came in four cuts with side dishes, such as Mashed Potato with Gravy, Mixed Veggies on the side, and Barbeque Sauce. The meat was well-done and very tender, it was very easy to unattached them from the bones. And the sweet delicious barbeque sauce helped everything go down like a spoonful of sugar. Juicy coleslaw, baked beans and lettuce were available on the side of the plate to eat our ribs with, but I prefer to have my ribs solo. The Mashed Potato, on the other hand, was creamy and simply delectable.

Dad's Pork Ribs

Will you look at that nicely-glazed-with-barbeque-sauce well-done ribs

Served with Mashed Potato smothered in gravy, veggie on the side, and a cup of extra barbeque sauce

Tender and juicy ribs for the win!

My Dad's friend named Oom Wahyudi was the one who recommend Flapjaks to us. "The Pancake is simply great and delicious," he said, "you should definitely try it when you go to Bali!". Now that I got the chance to dine at Flapjaks, after I helped in finished the ribs and wedges, I ordered myself some pancake for dessert. And not just any pancake.. TIRAMISU PANCAKE! (Yes, be jealous, MUAHAHA!)

I had me a plate of Single Tiramisu Pancake with Ice Cream. I would order myself a double if it weren't for the stomach-filling Potato Wedges. 

The pancake came in dark brown color, very uncommon and unusual for me, then topped with coffee-flavored cream and Tiramisu ice cream. Fluffy and slightly heavy describe Flapjaks' pancake well, and since the pancake itself had only a little bit of flavor in it, the cream and the ice cream played a big part in making the fluffy dessert stands out. All three component worked out well with each other, alas making the pancake deserved a standing ovation!

Tiramisu Pancake for dessert


The perfect sweet dessert to end your day

Flapjaks is definitely one of the restaurants that you should visit when you go to Bali. The food here tasted great, with shockingly reasonable price. The staff were friendly and very helpful from time to time, and they smile all the time they were serving us. Great atmosphere, cozy butt-resting-thingamabobs, fun and relaxing music - it was simply enjoyable to dine at such place.

Jalan Cemara, No. 27
Next to Stadium Cafe
Sanur, Denpasar - Bali

Phone: (0361) 287 882

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