Monday, March 18, 2013

Roti Lauw Vendor

Just now, a Roti Lauw Vendor made a quick pit stop in front of my house. Apparently, my Mom had asked one of our neighbor who often buy Roti Lauw from this particular vendor to stop by at our house as well. I was, well, blogging when my Mom told me to come down and pick a bread that I like. It has been quite a while since the last time I saw a bicycle cart filled with bread and buns like this.

A Roti Lauw Vendor cycling around my housing complex

Roti Lauw's signature sign board

We bought a loaf of bread, three pieces of Chocolate Buns, and a couple of Peanut Buns. All six items for Rp29.000,00. My favorite product from Lauw Bakery is the plain bread loaf. It tasted sweet even though it doesn't have any topping or filling. The texture of the bread is very fluffy and chewy, and the bread crust adds an extra point because it is usually slightly burnt.

Which buns do you want?

Roti Tawar, or Plain Bread Loaf

I'm not a big fan of Roti Lauw's Peanut Buns because, in my opinion, the sweet flavor of the buns and the peanut is nauseating. But the Chocolate Buns though tasted great! The buns were warm when the vendor took it out from the cart. "It's still warm," he said. I'm not sure if those buns just got out from the oven or suffering from the heat that the sun produced. 

I sliced one of the Chocolate Buns into half and found myself a wee bit of chocolate inside it. On the one hand, I don't mind with the small amount of chocolate filling used to make those chocolate buns because I don't like my buns overflowed with sweet and creamy chocolate jam. But, I kind of feel sad for those who love their bread stuffed with it, because the chocolate buns are lacking of filling. 

The bread is chewy and soft like always, and the chocolate filling give an extra kick to enhance both texture and flavor. Half a slice is already stomach-filling, so for those who are on a diet should probably eat this bun. 

This is what you called Roti Kacang, or Peanut Buns

The warm Roti Coklat, or Chocolate Buns

The inside look of Roti Lauw's Roti Coklat

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