Monday, March 11, 2013

Saturday Night Out

It has been a while since I went out on a Saturday night. I usually spend the weekend at home slacking around, as if the world doesn't need another slacker, but not yesterday night. A friend of mine from Bandung, who goes by the name Gita, was in town with her whole family. We haven't run around the city for almost two months, so we decided to meet up at Plaza Indonesia. 

It was at around three in the afternoon when we arrived at the crowded high-class mall. Oddly, we were pretty hungry. "I feel like having Ramen Sanpachi," said Gita. We didn't know that Ramen Sanpachi opened up a branch at Plaza Indonesia, so instead of actually looking for the place, we ended up strolling around the God-knows-how-many-stories mall for food. 

Something brought us to the fifth floor - it might be fate, destiny, or maybe even a horse. It didn't take long before we discovered Ramen Sanpachi's booth sign. We were very excited when we found the ramen house and semi-sprint to the counter to place our orders. 

I had me a big bowl of Shoyu Ramen, while Gita had some Jigoku Ramen: Level 2. My ramen didn't turned out as I expected it would be, it was too salty to begin with. On the bright side, the egg was great and the yolk was gooey, while the Tonkotsu (sliced pork) was savory and superb as always. The thing about Gita's Jigoku Ramen is that the dish has levels of hotness. I guess level 2 was not that hot and peppery, judging from the fact that Gita didn't struggle to catch her breath after every sip of soup, but I don't think I could handle it. 

Shoyu Ramen

Jigoku Ramen: Level 2

After we had our late lunch, we window-shopped from floors to floors. We visited Christian Louboutin, ZARA, and other fancy boutique which name I can't pronounce. Hours were spent when we made numerous pit stops at various shops. When I took a quick glance at my watch, it was 5 o'clock. We decided to pay a visit to Nanny's Pavilion for tea time. 

I don't see the point of having other dishes than waffles at Nanny's Pavilion, hence my decision to have a plate of Black Crunchy Caramel Waffle that costed Rp39.000,00. It was a big rectangle-shaped waffle, decorated with Vanilla ice cream, Oreo crumbs, and caramel sauce. What I love the most about my dessert is that the Oreo had no white cream in between them. The waffle was crispy and savory, not to mention blended well with the Vanilla ice cream and caramel sauce. Those Oreo crumbs were like cherries on top of my waffle sundae. It was pure ecstasy!

Black Crunchy Caramel Waffle for Rp39.000,00

Pure bliss!

Gita, on the other hand, had a plate of Nanny's Customers Fries - a stack of thick and crunchy french fries, topped with Mozzarella and white sauce. I had a bite of Gita's french fries and it was D-E-L-icious! 

As we were munching on waffles and french fries, some people were lining up at GBK (Gelora Bung Karno) to watch Music Bank, a South Korean music television program. One of the KPOP artists that performed that night was SHINee, and Gita loved one of the vocalist, who goes by the name Choi Minho. Not being able to watch the performance, she wrote "Minho" with some chilly sauce on her french fries plate instead. 

Nanny's Customers Fries

"Might as well decorate my plate using chilly sauce"

The joy of writing one's idol's name on a french fries plate

I thought that, maybe, I might as well try ordering a cold beverage, instead of having mineral water that costed way more expensive than the ones that we can buy at a supermarket. I ordered myself a glass of Melonade, while Gita had a glass of Mango Lemonade. 

Both drinks were lemon-based, but had different side ingredients. Mine was a combination of melon and lemon, which was funky and okay. The bottom of the glass was filled with melon bits. It was challenging to scoop those juicy bits. 

The cold beverages was fresh, sweet, and fizzy. It turned out that they used sparkling water to make the drink. If only I knew about it sooner, I wouldn't order it in the first place, because I don't like fizzy drinks. But it was okay though, I managed to finish the whole drink in the end.


Mango Lemonade

And by that, our Saturday night had came to an end. I got home at nine, then Gita drove away with her family to rest for the night. It was nice to finally hang out at malls after a long months of traveling away and staying at home.

Ramen Sanpachi
Jalan M. H. Thamrin
Plaza Indonesia
Urban Kitchen, 5th Floor

Nanny's Pavilion (Kimberly's Room)
Jalan M. H. Thamrin
Plaza Indonesia
2nd Floor

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