Sunday, March 24, 2013

The Golden Ring

Made my way back to Gudang Rottie after a long-month-crave of its' deliciously bitter sweet Hazelnut Latte. I ordered my cup of coffee hot and with Golden Ring. For those who don't know what Golden Ring is, it is the very simple form of latte art where you only need to put the foam at the center of the cup, leaving a small amount of Espresso on the sides of the cup untouched. Notice that thin line of dark brown circle on the edge of the cup, and the area-consuming white foam filling the center part? That is what you called a Golden Ring. By having my latte with Golden Ring, I could draw whatever I want on my latte with the help of Caramel sauce and thermometer. 

A few months ago, I stumble across an Instagram account that posted a simple, yet beautiful, latte art photo. It's owned by a she and her name is @Nicolenikoko. She posted a picture of a snow flake drawing on her cup of latte, which was very pretty and adorable. I had been wanting to draw that particular design on my latte, but I couldn't seem to find my way back to Gudang Rottie until a couple of days ago. 

I finally managed to draw a snow flake on my latte. My first attempt was okay, but I will draw it better when I'm back for another cup of Hazelnut Latte. Needless to say that the coffee was strong and bitter, thankfully not sour, and sweet from the Hazelnut syrup. 

Gudang Rottie
Rukan Villa Jatbening Tol
Kav. 4A, Bekasi 17412

PhoneL (021) 9737 2883

Opening Hours:
Monday - Sunday: 6 AM - 10 PM

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