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Pulau Dewata: Made's Warung

Warung Made, or Made's Warung, is one of the dinning places that you should visit whenever you travel to Bali. Unlike a typical warung, or small family-owned shop, Warung Made is actually a restaurant that serves a wide selection of food. From traditional Baliness cuisine, such as Nasi Campur Bali, to Western dishes like Pork Ribs, they have it here at Made's Warung. 

It has become one of the most popular tourist destination, Made's Warung is. Lots of people, from different part of the globes, eat here. American, Thai people, Japanese, Chinese, Europeans, Indonesian, Arab people, you name it, gather at Made's Warung to dine. 

Made's Warung

There are numerous branches of Made's Warung decorating the streets of Denpasar. The Made's Warung that I visited was located near Kuta beach, the number one beach in Denpasar. Only a short walk away from the beach and you can have yourself a nice cold beer and deep-fried calamari. 

I love the furniture and decorations used at this particular Made's Warung. The tables and the chairs are made from wood. There were traditional masks and vintage photos decorating the broken-white walls. Simple hanging lamps were available above each tables to light up the dining area. Souvenirs, such Warung Made's signature crocodile T-shirt, were available for selling. There were numerous staff at Warung Made who were very friendly and talkative, yet lacking of alacrity and interest when they were serving the customers. 

The staff were friendly, but unfortunately not that agile

The sight of Warung Made from the inside

Souvenir T-shirts from Warung Made

It was during Tea Time when Mom, Dad, Tante Tami and her newborn son, and I paid a visit to Warung Made. Instead of ordering something small to nibble, such as cakes and french fries, we ended up ordering a big plate of Pork Steak and a thick slice of Tiramisu. Plus, a couple glass of cold Beer Bintang, an Orange Juice, and a hot glass of tea. I didn't mind at all!


Left to Right: Bintang Beer, Orange Juice, Hot Tea

Man, were those ribs tender and juicy! There were two stacks of them on the plate, complete with a bunch of french fries and salad on the side. My parents and I shared this manna and we managed to finish it in minutes.

The meat was well-seasoned, very sweet and savory, and was very tender. Cooked well-done, it was rather easy to detached the meat from the bones. They were very juicy, a mix of oil and soy sauce would just spurt out with every bite. Crispy burnt fat were there to taunt you, but I ended up enjoying it unlike any other days where I would just discard them form the meat and cast them to the side of the plate. This Pork Ribs were ridiculously sweet and delicious, and I command you to get some for yourself when you visit Warung Made!

Pork Ribs

Look at them juicy ribs ready to tantalize your taste buds

Bon appetit ~ 

People, don't forget to try Warung Made's Tiramisu as well! It costed Rp35.000,00 for this dessert, which is pretty expensive for a slice of cake. But this is not merely a cake, it's a genuine melt-in-your-mouth give-you-chills-when-you-eat-it tasted-like-rainbows-and-unicorn Tiramisu!

Creamy. Milky. Melt-in-your-mouth. Bitter. Sweet. Orgasmic. Addicting. They didn't name the cake "pick me up" for nothing, indeed!

The cake was E•P•I•C! Every spoonful of it that entered your mouth would just melt in a snap as you move your tongue to savor the fantastically milky mascarpone cheese and the bitter-sweet coffee-dipped cake. The bitter cocoa powder garnishing the top of the cake gave that small bitter kick that enhance the sweet flavor and creamy texture of the Italian dessert. The cake was rather heavy and glutting, but not sickening, and slightly making you drowsy. One bite and you will definitely go, "CAK CAK KECAK KECAK CAK!"

That sinful Tiramisu that costed Rp35.000,00

Oh my God Tiramisu you bad bad bad dessert you

Is this post convincing enough for you to book a plane ticket, fly to Pulau Dewata and book a table at Warung Made? If not, you might want to scroll up and re-read the above paragraph about how orgasmic the Tiramisu was.

Made's Warung
Jalan Pantai Kuta
Kuta, Bali - Indonesia

Phone: (0361) 755 297

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  1. I once read an expat article about the history of made's warung and I have to say, it has a romantic side to it.. Never had the chance to try it though.. btw, lovely pictures ;)