Monday, October 14, 2013

Excelso's Cup of Cappuccino

A few months ago, I met a friend of my friend who worked as a Barista at Excelso in Summarecon Mall Bekasi. He was very kind for letting me try out the espresso machine that they have at the counter. The machine was less complicated than the one I used at Gudang Rottie, not that hard to operate, and rather small. Unlike Gudang Rottie, where we have to do things manually to make a cup of Joe, we can let the water flow from the water reservoir to the steam wand with a press of a button. The usage of instant coffee capsules is common at Excelso, which, in my opinion, was a let-down because I prefer my coffee is made from fresh ground coffee beans. 

On the other hand, the presentation of the beverage was very simple, yet beautiful. All of the cups and plates were plain white, but the design was somewhat unique; for example, the beverage coaster that they use had that typical round corner where you put the cup on, but instead of located at the center of the coaster, it was slightly around the edge - hence, the space available to put a small cookie on it.

I ended up making a glass of Cappuccino for myself because my friend said that he ran out of Hazelnut syrup to make me a glass of Hazelnut Latte. I worked the gizmo and voila! a cup of coffee at two hours before midnight. It had been a long time since the last time I made latte, so I ended up with a rather weak foam to work with. I asked for Caramel syrup and a thermometer to my friend, but he didn't have any, so I had to improvise with the edge of a spoon. Not much that I could do, so I ended up with a simple flower petal as the design. Very simple, you only have to pull lines from whichever angle that you favor. 

The coffee tasted bitter and dull, even after I added two spoonful of sugar in it. I still prefer Gudang Rottie's Joe than Excelso's. 

Excelso's cup of Cappuccino

Summarecon Mall Bekasi
Ground Floor FB #107
Jl. Jendral Sudirman

Phone: (021) 2957 2545

Opening Hours: 
10 AM - 10 PM