Tuesday, November 5, 2013

I Miss Blogging

Living in a dormitory makes it hard for me to update this blog, not to mention the fact that I only come home during weekends. Readers, bare with me, yes?

Colette & Lola: Cakes & Dreams

Picture taken from Colette & Lola

All pilot courses in my school got a very special long weekend from our instructors, making us able to spend four days in a row catching up with friends and family. Now, why would I spend all those precious hours slouching around and stuffing myself with potato chips if I could go out and have food-ventures with my buddies? 

On Monday, my best friends and I made our way to Moe's Place and Collete & Lola. Since I have wrote my reviews about Moe's Place a few times, I shall focus on Colette & Lola in this post. 

Colette & Lola is a new cake shop located in Senopati that emphasizes its' "Cakes & Dreams" theme. The cake shop is very very beautiful with all its' colorful decorations and adorable interior design, it will remind you of Katy Perry's "California Gurls". I was completely mesmerized as I walked into the cake shop, my eyes were opened wide and I couldn't find a way to reattached my lips together. 

Left to Right: Icha, Me (Kinan), Sally, and Angel

We ordered three cakes in advance, which were Call Me Panda, My Lady Grey, and I See Green. Those cakes looked very very pretty and well decorated. All of them were very appealing and eye-catching I almost didn't have the heart to eat them if it weren't for my grumbling tummy. 

Left to Right: Call Me Panda, I See Green, My Lady Grey

My Lady Grey
"It's a combination of chocolate and Earl Grey tea," said the lady in the counter. I have never tasted such combination before, so I decided to give it it a try.

Beneath the thick layer of Bavarian Earl-grey-infused cream was a chunk of Valrhona Caramelia Chocolate cake with crunchy bits of nuts at the bottom layer. The cake was not that sweet, very suitable for those who are not into sweet dessert, and it had that hint of tea flavor and aroma. My Lady Grey had a lovely five-star-like appearance, with all its' chocolate decoration and toppings, but I have to say that it's not my favorite.

Call Me Panda
Glazed in dark chocolate ganache. Topped with panda-shaped chocolate. Crunchy butter biscuit as its' foundation. Who wouldn't love this cake? 

Call Me Panda is my personal favorite. Under the cake was a thick and crunchy butter biscuit that tasted delicious and addicting. Inside the black goo was a delightful fluffy Chocolate Bavarian Cream that enveloped a layer of Vanilla Creme Brulee Cream and Dark Chocolate Cake. Those component worked well with each other. It's a favorite at Colette & Lola, so you might wanna order the cake in advance before it sold out.  

I See Green
I'm not a big fan of green tea flavored food, so I have to say no to this cake. But, according to Angel and Sally, who are big fans of green tea, the cake was nice. 

Inside the gooey green dome was a Japanesse Green Tea Mousse that covers a chunk of Red Bean Ganache and Black Sesame Sponge Cake, while underneath the whole dessert was a layer of Sesame Biscuit. Bitterness dominates the cake's flavor, but a hint of light sweetness and green tea flavor was found. Doesn't the cake reminds you of Mike Wazowski from Disney's Monster Inc. ?

Other than cakes, they also serve Pop-cakes, Macaroon, and Cupcakes. Prices varies from Rp10.000,00 to Rp32.000,00 for dessert, and Rp140.000,00 to Rp260.000,00 for big-sized cakes. Plus, they also let you keep this pretty booklet that has pictures of the products, woohoo!

Colette & Lola
Jalan Senopati Raya, No. 64
Jakarta 12190

Phone: (021) 2900 7997

Business Hours:
Everyday: 10 AM - 10 PM

All photos taken were edited with VSCOcam in iPhone. It's an awesome application, you might want to give it a try.