Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Arce Dairy's Taro Ice Cream

So, today, my Dad's friend came to visit and he brought a bucket of Purple Yam Ice Cream along with him. It was big and purply, Arce Dairy was the brand of the ice cream. I was in awe because I didn't know such dessert exists. He offered me some and I immediately agreed. 

Arce Dairy's Purple Yam Ice Cream

I grabbed a cup and took a big spoonful of the pale purple ice cream. The color of the ice cream itself was different from the picture printed on the bucket. The one on the bucket was very purple, it kind of reminds you of Barney the Dinosaur, while the actual good was pale grayish purple - which is good because at least we know that they don't use that much of purple food coloring. 

There were yam bits in it, very small and very few, and I like it. The flavor doesn't stand out that much, meaning the lack of artificial flavors is very obvious, that's why I enjoy eating this ice cream. I don't think it tasted bad, even though I had a hard time distinguishing the yam flavor. You should give the ice cream a chance! Ice cream will be ice cream, yes? 

Very pale colored ice cream, but it tasted nice!

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