Monday, December 23, 2013

Breakfast of Champions

Being in Qatar gives me access to unlimited food supply - and by food I mean imported-food-that-i-can't-and-don't-usually-find-in-indonesia, for instance: Mini Oreo. 

My first encounter with Mini Oreo is when I was in New York. I was strolling around Times Square when I decided to go in to some mini market and buy me some snack. There, I saw this metallic blue zip-lock type kind of bag with drawings of black and white buttons on it. As I came closer, I started to recognize the snack and it was Oreo. "Mini oreos. Can life be more epic?!" So I bought it and enjoyed my Oreo. 

A year after, at this present time, I got my second Mini Oreo. I was at Carrefour the other day, doing some shopping with my Mom and Dad. Then I found this medium-sized cup with writings that said "Mini Oreo" on it. In what sane people's mind wouldn't I grab the cup and put it in the shopping cart? 

Suddenly, an idea popped out. A genius one. So, I ran to the milk section and bought myself a bottle of Strawberry Milk.

Mini Oreo and Strawberry Milk

Combine them Mini Oreo and Strawberry Milk, and you will have the breakfast of champions. Instead of using bowl, you can just pour the milk into the cup, and breakfast is served. How genius is this idea?

The dish tasted the best when the milk is cold. I'm not a big fan of the white part of Oreo, but it's an exception in this case. The black biscuit, on the other hand, was fragile and crumbly. It shattered easily as it made contact with the milk, making my breakfast all messy and milk-shake-like. I don't mind actually, but I think it would be more enjoyable if the Oreo would stay intact.

Breakfast is served!