Sunday, December 22, 2013


Long story short, I lost the sticky notes that I used to write the in-flight menu during my trip from Munich, Germany, bound for Doha, Qatar - which leave me merely the photos of the food. A bit disappointed though, but let's see what I can do.


Per usual, the stewardess let us chose between juice and energizing smoothie, and I always go with the smoothie. 

In every Qatar Airways Business Class meal, there will always be a bowl of bakery products, appetizer, and main course. There are options you can chose when it comes to appetizer and main course, mostly two selections of meal, yet sometimes three in European flights. 

A glass of Orange Juice and Fruit Smoothie

Muffin from the Bakery Basket

Seasonal Fresh Fruit as appetizer

Omelette, accompanied with various side dishes

My favorite side dish, Teriyaki Salmon

Another option you can have as your main course, a plate of Oriental Fried Rice with side dishes

✈    ✈    


Unlike breakfast, the stewardess serve more food during dinner. There are two additional meal during dinner, which are entrée and dessert. As a heavy eater, in-flight dinner is my favorite meal of the day.

A glass of Lime Mint and Apple Juice

Salmon as entrée

My favorite bakery good of all time, Laugen Roll

A bowl of Mint Soup as appetizer

My kind of main course - fish!

Beef as main course for those who are allergic to seafood

Banana Pie Cake and Ice Cream for dessert, yum!

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