Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Pulau Dewata: Pantai Jimbaran

Oooo, funky lights!

Pantai Jimbaran is well-known for its' dinning place by the beach. Simple dinning chairs and tables are set on the sand, not far away from the shore but not that close either, and we can dine while enjoying the sound of the pounding wave. It is best to visit Pantai Jimbaran at night as the candle light provided on the dinning table emphasize the movie-like romantic atmosphere surrounding the place.

There are three to four restaurants that provide this funky dinning experience. You get to chose at which restaurant you want to eat and what you want to eat. You have to be able to bargain though, because the staff usually put an inhuman price range to tourists - yes, even to Indonesian tourists. It's a good thing my parents are good at it.

Other than the restaurant, food vendors can also be found strolling around the beach. The one that you will most likely encounter is the grilled corn vendor. The price of one stick of grilled corn was not that expensive. I bought one for Rp10.000,00 and it tasted nice. It also came with some boiled ground nuts.

Them grilled corn and boiled nuts were very old school in a good way

We waited quite a while for our food to come. Dad ordered a plate of grilled prawns and grilled fish. My Mom is allergic to seafood, but she is very lucky to be able to eat squid, so we ordered a plate of grilled ink squirter. 

Our dinner came with lots of side dishes like, salt and lime, watermelon, boiled potatoes, three kinds of chilly sauce, deep fried onions, pan fried water spinach, rice, and hot tea. It was pretty luxurious and everything tasted delicious - even the potatoes!

Selamat makan!

Order for table 18

Salt and lime to go with your seafood

Three portions of rice

Those watermelons looked pale, don't you think?

Various kinds of sambal and a bowl of fried onion

I fell in love with the grilled prawns. They were well-grilled, the meat was soft and sweet, well done! The cook didn't forget to clean the nasty part of the prawn either - yes, that nasty black line on their back, which happen to be their digestive track or intestine, a.k.a. their poo pipe. I'm a big fan of prawn, that is why I'm slightly sensitive when it comes to that particular part of the crustacean. If it still there when its' already cooked, I won't eat it. Well, do you expect me to eat poop?

Grilled prawns for dinner

The fish deserve a two thumbs up. Nicely grilled, well marinated, soft meat, the combination of spicy and sweet worked well, and it was a big fish.. so, yeah, I had fun eating this fish with my Dad. The best part of the fish was its' crispy tail that would make you go "crunch! crisp! crack!" when you dig your teeth into it.

Fried fish for Dad and I


After we finished dinner, we took some picture by the seaside. What bothered me is that numerous orbs can be found in every single picture we took. Mom said that the ocean is the home of spirits - those who are lost and trapped in this world wondering around and those who are banished. "Maybe it's their way of showing that they exist," she said. Spooky much.

This picture gives me chills

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