Sunday, December 15, 2013

Sugar Rush

A late souvenir that I got from my Dad was this beautiful bowl of Japanese Artisan Candy

Artisan candies, or rock candies, are hand-made candies that have the same basic ingredients with lollipops. They are called artisan candy because them candy makers express their creativity in designing the candy. As you can see from the picture that I attached above, in the middle of the candy were printed adorably colorful drawings and patterns. Now, those patterns is what make artisan candy unique. Not just drawings of flowers and cherries, writing can also be printed on the middle of the candy - such as "Kiss Me", or "I Miss You", or "I LOVE NYC". I don't think one can run out of ideas in designing such candies. 

A unique paper packaging that enveloped the candy

After Dad went home from his flight to Tokyo, Japan, he gave me this pretty pack of candy. I opened the oh-so-japanese paper wrap, with drawings of funky people on it, my eyes sparkled from the rainbow I saw. 

The rock candies were colorful and adorable, nicely packed in a black container that has red-colored borders. One of them was pink, and the other was green. Swirly patterns were drawn at the middle part of the candy and I couldn't contain the excitement I felt I went "Ooooo, pretty!". 

Don't you just love that burst of colors?

Rocky, just like the name of the candy, and lollipop-like. What makes artisan candy and lollipop different are the fact that lollipop is served on a stick and that artisan candies are slightly more coral-like and fragile. It took me ages to finally decide to open the packaging and have a taste of the rock candy. I ate the blue one and it tasted like bubblegum. I wonder what flavor the yellow one is. 

I bet King Candy wishes he was here to taste all of this

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