Sunday, June 22, 2014

Dear readers,

being a cadet has taken its' toll on me. 

I haven't been able to take control of my blog in the past 6 months due to the hectic schedule of the academy I'm now enrolling at. The only spare time that I have is only during the weekends, and it doesn't even last for 24 hours - I go home at 6 in the evening on Saturday, then I have to go back to the barracks at 4 in the afternoon on Sunday. Even if I have the opportunity to bring my laptop to the academy, along with a modem with super duper fast internet connection, I still won't be able to update Milky Way Cafe because activities start at 5 in the morning and end an hour before midnight. So much chaos.

For those who wonders, I've been recruited to STPI (Sekolah Tinggi Penerbangan Indonesia), some people prefer to call it ICAI (Indonesian Civil Aviation Institute), a semi-military academy where the students here are called "cadet" - "taruna" or "taruni" in Indonesian, depends on your gender. 

Sekolah Tinggi Penerbangan Indonesia

Being a cadet, you can't do anything on free will for you are required to follow every single rules existed. You have to wear uniform all the time. All taruna have to be bald, while the taruni have to cut their hair Anna-Hathaway-short. You wake up to the sound of trumpets being played, pretty much like Forrest Gump and Cadet Kelly combined. Every morning and night, they do a rollcall to check if all cadets are in position - and if one of them is nowhere to be found, a consequence is to be applied on all of us. School starts from 7 to 5, and after that is dinner, followed by an obligatory study time, and ended with a rest period at 9. It's a pretty strict and organized life I'm living, so that is why I can't leisurely write about Ladurée's Macaroons, or Mendl's Courtesan au Chocolat, as I pleased. 

The uniform that we wear

I'm not sure how long this will last, but I hope I will be able to write again, soon. Will you wait for me? 

Kinan Luhur W.  


  1. Sayang bgt km hiatus :" . tulisan km bagus" loh, even im a silent reader, hehe
    Take care, it must be tough there :)

    1. Halo Feny,

      maaf ya baru bales komenmu. Hihihihi seneng deh punya pembaca kayak kamu! Sekarang aku udah aktif lagi, kok, jadi udah mulai sering nulis-nulis lagi. Terima kasih ya buat supportmu! :D