Monday, December 15, 2014

EggO: Take Me Away

Get your waffles at EggO!

Its' name is Eggo, a brand new waffle stand that I found at Summarecon Mall Bekasi. I've been wanting to try out this waffle stand for months, but I haven't got the chance to do so - until last Sunday.

After having a lunch date at Sushi Tei and a stress-relieving shopping spree with Mom, we stopped by at Eggo on the basement floor of mall to grab a bite of its' unique-looking waffles. 

Located on the basement floor of Summarecon Mall Bekasi

We can build our own waffle by combining our choice of flavors and toppings. I wasn't in the mood to mix-and-match funky-tasting flavor with random sprinkles to create a unique and anti-mainstream waffle, so I decided to have something ordinary: chocolate flavored waffle with chocolate chips.

Build your own waffle

Unlike any regular waffle, Eggo uses this particular wide egg-shaped waffle pan to create their waffle, hence a rather unique and uncommon shape of their product. The waffle guy would first pour the toppings into the waffle pan, then create the batter whilst heating up the pan, pour the batter into the molding, and let magic do the rest. It didn't take long for my waffle to shape up, just a scroll or two on Instagram and ding! your waffle is ready to be served.  

Egg-shaped waffle pan

The batter bar, with ready to use batter and your selection of bottled flavors

Pour them batter into the pan

After the waffle was taken out from the pan, the waffle guy put the waffle on a tray to cool off. I thought he would just leave the waffle be to cool off by itself, instead he clicked on of the switch on the counter table and woosh! a pair of tiny electric fans turned on and helped the cooling process of the waffle. Not everyday you can find a smart guy like him, don't you think?

Using fans to cool down the waffle

Look at them chocolate chips!

My waffle was adorable! It had the shape of a hexagon, and on the top of each 'eggs' was this garden of delicious looking and scrumptious chocolate chips. The edges of the waffle was extra crispy, just how I like it to be, while the 'eggs' were chewy and deliciously bite-sized. You can just pinch an egg, pull it out, and eat it right away. Or, if you don't want no fuss, you can just bite all the way through it. The waffles was lacking of sweetness, but the chocolate chips managed to cover it up right away. Overall, I'm giving an 8 out of 10 for Eggo. 

Next time you go to Summarecon Mall Bekasi, why not stop by at the waffle stand and give yourself a try!


Enjoy your share of waffle

Summarecon Mall Bekasi
Jalan Bulevard Ahmad Yani Blok M
Sentra Summarecon Bekasi 17412
Basement, BF-IC-16

Opening Hours: 10 AM - 10 PM

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