Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Mom's Homemade Burger Patty

It's New Year's Eve and Mom's preparing food to welcome 2015. This afternoon, she made a batch of burger patty to be grilled next year (that is me trying to break the ice, ba-dum-tss!). Like always, she didn't follow any recipe, she just made it up herself. Mom's recipe to make burger patty was pretty simple, you should definitely try it when you get the chance!

Mom's Homemade Burger Patty

- a couple of onion 
- 4 cloves of garlic
- salt & pepper (as much as you like)
- 1.5 kg of grinned meat 
- 4 egg whites
- olive oil 

How to Make:

- dice your garlic

- slice, or chop, your onion accordingly

- mix your onion and garlic together

- pour some olive oil into your non-stick frying pan

- stir-fried your onion with medium heat until they are golden brown
When your onion is nicely cooked, turn off your stove and let the onion cools off

- prepare your meat by placing them in a container

- pour some salt & pepper onto your grinned meat and mix it well
My Mom prefer to use her bare hand to mix the meat with. If you would like to use some kitchen utensils, then be my guest. 

- next, pour the egg white and mix well

- when the onion is cool enough, spread them onto the grinned meat and mix well
Why do we have to wait until the onion cools off? This is so that the meat wont cook when it makes contact with the onion. 

- when your meat nicely mixed with the other ingredients, grab a chunk and make balls with it big enough to fit in your hand.

- then, with your finger, flatten it up until it shares the same thickness with your finger
 Your burger patties are ready to be cooked!

- pour a bit of olive oil into your frying pan and fry your burger patties with medium heat
Keep an eye on your patties, you don't want them to over cooked because it will make the meat becomes too dry. 

- voila, your burger patties are ready to be eaten!

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