Tuesday, December 16, 2014


SepotongKue, a dessert shop located at Pasar Santa, is famous for its' fluffy homemade choux, or puff pastry - which I have to admit was very delicious and insanely addicting. I visited SepotongKue when it opened a booth at Monas during Anlene Moveathon's even on December 8th. Since I didn't get to try its' famous dessert when I visited Pasar Santa, I quickly grabbed me some rupiah and got myself some pastries.

One of SepotongKue's best selling prouct is its' Special Choux. This is, by far, the fluffiest and most scrumptious choux pastry I have ever tasted in my hometown. It was very light, not that airy, and it had this different kind of taste that distinguish it from any other pastry I have ever eaten before. Can't tell what it is, but it's a good one! The choux was filled with a spoonful of thick custard, then topped with slices of fruit, usually kiwi and strawberry. 

Took my first bite of my Special Choux and I fell in love immediately. I just love how the pastry was filled with just the right amount of custard - not that overflowing, yet not too few either. I love how creamy and sweet the custard was, which went well with the savory pastry. The fruit on top was like a cherry on top of a sundae, it completed the dessert. Yet, it was very unfortunate that with just a couple of bite more, the choux was completely gone from my hand. 

Wouldn't you like some of SepotongKue's famous Special Choux? 

The second best selling product from SepotongKue is its' Ice Cream Choux. There are three varieties of ice cream, which are Vanilla Tella, Choco Jaffa, and Green Tea - all of the are homamade. I got to pick a flavor for my ice cream, so I went for the green tea ice cream to ease my curiosity. Made with fresh milk, non-dairy cream, and the best quality green tea, this dessert deserves a two-thumbs up! Not to mention it goes very well with a hint of Nutella on top. 

The ice cream was very creamy and thick. Its' matcha flavor was very rich and strong, yet wasn't that sweet. I was a bit disappointed with my choice of ice cream because it didn't blend quite well with the choux, as both element was lacking of sugary goodness, so, it was just okay. But, the ice cream itself was nice though!

The breakfast of champions

If you would like to get a bite of SepotongKue's delicious Special Choux and Ice Cream Choux, you ought to visit its' stand at Pasar Santa. You can even get in touch with its' owner via Instagram and website, and get some information about where she's going to open up a stand at an event or two. 

Pasar Santa - Upper Floor #119
Jalan Cipaku 1, Kebayoran Baru
Jakarta Selatan

Opening Hours: 
Wednesday to Sunday
From 1 PM to 8 PM

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  1. thank you so much sudah menulis soal @sepotongkue ditunggu mampir di pasar santa ya:)