Sunday, December 14, 2014


Last week, I tasted the fanciest and most expensive milk in my life. Unlike your regular milk that you usually buy at the supermarket - the ones that came out from a cow's udder - this milk is made out of raw almonds. It shares the same concept as soy milk, as both drinks were made from nuts, it's just that they use almonds instead of soybeans. 

It goes by the name Yourganic

Ever since Yourganic became one of the hippest highly-recommended healthy product in society, a lot of people are dying to get a taste of its' famous almond-based milk. It has become popular among Indonesian Instagram celebrities, such as @pupupaula, @soniaeryka, @anazsiantar, and many more. Yourganic continuously gets great feedbacks from its' consumers because of its' vision to offer an alternative way for us to enjoy our glass of milk. 

The positive benefits that you can get from drinking a bottle of Yourganic is endless. Other than the fact that it improves women's health and mood during menstruation, it increases stamina and also contains lots of vitamin that is good for one's body. On the one hand, it balances your daily mood, plus it clear acne and blemishes from your face. Last, but not least, it can boost one's libido and increase endurance in your sexual function, not to mention the percentage of improvement in fertility that a woman can undergo exceeds expectation. 

I got the chance to try out its' best selling product, which is the Maca flavored raw almond milk. Maca itself is a kind of plant, a type of nuts to be exact, that is believed to be a medicinal herb and an aphrodisiac. I have never tasted one before, nor seen one - heck, I just found out that a kind of plant like Maca exists in this world! - so, you can imagine how excited I was.

Now, before I get to the part where I explain about its' texture and flavor, I would like to recall the opinion from most people of how healthy food tasted disgusting, while unhealthy food is often delicious - so that you can get the mental picture of how this non-dairy product tasted like.

I have to be honest, Yourganic's Maca flavored raw almond milk did tasted a bit weird and funky. The liquid has this clumpy and nutty texture. I even bumped into some nut bits twice! It has a strong almond scent, which is quite nice. As expected from a nut-based milk, it tasted like its' main nut ingredient: almond. Creamy and milky on the one side, and it also had this hint of caramel flavor in it. It was nice and quite enjoyable, yet I'm not very fond of it. Mom, on the other hand, loved the milk so much she ended up being the one who finished it. 

For those vegetarians out there, you ought to try this product. Yourganic is also good for those who are on diets and for those who are trying to lose some weight. Yes, a bottle of milk can be quite expensive (I bought mine for Rp38.000,00), but it worths the price to be healthy. Don't mind about the funky texture and flavor, I bet you will enjoy it eventually in the end.

For more information, you can check out their Instagram and blog

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