Monday, January 12, 2015

Cimory's Soya Milk: Watermelon Flavor

Ambar, my chubby and lovable dorm mate, bought me a bottle of Cimory's soya milk. She told me once about how nice and funky-tasting the soy milk and she promised me that she will bring one for me one day. Just yesterday, she kept her promise by bringing me a bottle of the watermelon-flavored soy bean drink. Yes, watermelon. 

Cimory is well known for its' flavorful yogurt drink. With "Sehat itu Enak", or "Healthy is Delicious" literary translated, as its' slogan, Cimory continues to pursue its' mission to introduce healthy and delicious beverages to the local citizen. Just recently, the brand has launched a new product, the soya milk, which available in two flavors: watermelon and original.

You can tell the watermelon scent coming out from the bottle as you open the cap. It was not that strong as it reeks of soy bean like any other soya milk does, but it was clearly there. The color of the milk was soft pink, a bit pale actually, different compared to the pink color that you usually find in strawberry-favored milk.

I took a sip of the drink. It was a bit challenging to distinguish the watermelon flavor at first, but after another sip or two, you will start to get the hang of it. Again, it was not that strong, but it's there. The watermelon flavor lingers in your mouth after you have swallowed the drink. Other than that, it was just plain soy bean milk.

I would give Cimory's watermelon-flavored soya milk a 5 out of 10 for easing the curiosity. I guess I will stick with regular soya milk in the future.

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