Friday, January 9, 2015

Homemade Es Teler

Es Teler is a well known traditional fruit cocktail in Indonesia. You can mostly find this dessert at every Indonesian restaurants. It is very simple to make this fruit cocktail, as you just need to combine various fruits with condensed milk. The basic ingredients to make Es Teler are avocado, coconut meat, cincau (or grass jelly), jackfruit, coconut milk, condensed milk, syrup, and sugar but it's okay if you want to use other ingredients like I did. 

In this post, I will show you a super easy step-by-step tutorial on how to make one for yourself. Do take notes that I didn't include any measuring of the ingredients because I just made the dessert based on my liking. Don't be afraid to experiment!

- Avocado
- Coconut
- Kolang-kaling
- Syrup
- Condensed milk
- Ice cubes

How to Make:

- slice the avocado into two and scoop out the meat into a bowl

- prepare your coconut by separating the coconut water and the coconut meat into different bowl
First, you cut the upper part of the coconut, then pour the coconut water into a big bowl. Then, cut the coconut into two, and scoop out the meat. 

- prepare your kolang kaling
It doesn't have to be kolang kaling. I used this particular canned fruit because I couldn't find any grass jelly and jackfruit at the Supermarket. It worked just fine, and it tasted delicious as well.

- make your punch 
Simply mix the condensed milk with sugar, water, and syrup. You might want to be careful when you combine the ingredients because you have to taste the punch whether it tasted creamy and sweet, or tasteless because you pour too much water in it. 

When all of the ingredients are all prepared, take out your bowl and put everything in it. Put in the avocado, coconut meat, kolang kaling, the condensed milk mixture, and some ice cubes and voila! your very own Es Teler. Very easy to make, right? 

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