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ilovebazaarjkt: Black Christmas

December 20, 2014, was the day I went to Grand Indonesia Shopping Town to attend ilovebazaarjkt's event: the Black Christmas. The event was first held on October 2012 and it has been going on up until last year, and will be continued this year. At I Love Bazaar Jakarta, you will find hundreds of local brands and online shops that fulfill your daily needs, starting from fashion, food, knick knacks, home-living, and even kids needs. I was very lucky to be able to pop up at the last minute at the bazaar to enjoy the delightful christmas atmosphere and indulge in some of the food available.

A map of the Black Christmas event

Entrance gate

The sight of the food stand area

It gets crowded as the sun goes down

My first stop was at Yi•kon, the first Seoul cane ice cream in Indonesia. What makes Yi•kon special is that they use this korean traditional corn snack named jipangyi as the cone. This cone shares the exact same texture with an Indonesian snack named Momogi - I'm sure a lot of Indonesian are familiar with it - it was very light, airy, and it got a lot of holes within the pipe; it can be seen as we bite into it. 

The cones were available in three different shapes: J, V, and U. I went for the J because I think it is the most unique shaped cone among the three of them. Next, I get to chose the flavor of my ice cream, which can be mixed, yay! I defied oddity by having chocolate and green tea ice cream. The cone was injected with the ice cream, then was garnished with pocky, cereals, almonds, and chocolate chips. 

Yi•kon, the first Seoul cane ice cream in Indonesia

Pick your cone

This ice cream costed me Rp25.000,00

After I was done with my ice cream, I went to another food stand and it was selling this batch of homemade Tokyo Banana. Tokyo Banana, ladies and gentlemen, is very popular among Indonesian. It is an omiyage, or Japanese souvenir, consisted of a batch of super soft sponge cake filled with banana custard. In my opinion, Tokyo Banana is very much overrated, but nonetheless still are delicious and delightfully enjoyable. 

The name is Mainichi. The food stand had various flavors of its' homemade Tokyo Banana. Each costed Rp12.500,00 and I decided to have the one with Red Velvet flavor. 

True, Mainichi's homemade Tokyo Banana tasted very similar to the original Tokyo Banana. What makes them different were the shape of the sponge cake, which was round, and the different colors within every flavor. Mine was pink as it was red velvet flavored and the banana custard filling was not that thick and slightly airy. 

Delicious, but overrated.

Mainichi - Homemade Tokyo Banana

I went for the Red Velvet

Banana cream filling inside

My last stop was at Dolci's Kue Cubit stand. Kue Cubit is a popular traditional snack in Indonesia, especially in Jakarta. It is basically bite-sized shaped pancakes. Now, at this particular Kue Cubit booth, there were selections of available flavor and toppings, unlike any other Kue Cubit vendors that you can find in Jakarta. I was very curious with the green tea one, so I ordered a batch and waited for more than half an hour because the queue was just that long. 

It didn't taste quite like how I expected it would be. I was hoping my Kue Cubit to be sweet and has that hint of bitterness from the green tea, with strong matcha flavor inside out, not to mention the runny batter on top because I ordered my Kue Cubit to be medium-well. But, instead, my batch of bite-sized pancakes were lacking of sweetness and green-tea flavor. It was a bit disappointing. Even the chocolate sprinkles on top didn't play a big part in enhancing the flavors.

Make your decision!

In the midst of making Kue Cubit

My green tea flavored medium-well Kue Cubit

Wanna grab a bite?

Overall, I enjoyed the Black Christmas bazaar at Grand Indonesia Shopping Town, despite the fact that some of the food I ate was overrated and far from expectation. But, it was fun while it last. I'm planning to attend next year's bazaar, and I'm hoping that there will be more choices of food available in 2015. 

P.S. I made a quick stop at Potatoo's booth at the bazaar. Potatoo sells temporary tattoos with cool and unique designs. Each tattoo costs Rp20.000,00 and they were on sale that day, so I went home lots of Rp100.000,00 worth tattoos. So much fun!

Potatoo's temporary tatto

The temporary tattoos that I bought

For further info about the local brand above, you can go check their social media bellow.




Dolci Dessert


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