Thursday, January 8, 2015

Reese's NutRageous

Reese's NutRageouss was, and still is, my favorite chocolate bar. I found this gem back in 2012 when I was in Doha, Qatar. Mom, Dad, and I were grocery shopping and the bright orange wrapping immediately caught my attention. How could I not? The chocolate has its' own shelf at the 'Chocolate & Candy' aisle at Family Food Centre. So, I grabbed a couple bar and put them in the grocery cart to take home with me. 

Reese's NutRageous consists of Reese's peanut butter topped with peanuts and caramel, then enveloped with a milk chocolate coating. The chocolate bar was flavorful! The peanut butter gave out this delicious saltiness, while the gooey caramel and the milk chocolate had a strong presence of sweetness - it had that kind of sweetness that can make you nauseous when you have too much of it. I just love the peanuts that made the chocolate bar became even more rich in flavor. But, I have to admit, the chocolate bar had "diabetes" written all over it - and it was too sweet, even for a sweet-tooth like me.

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