Monday, January 12, 2015

Roti Abon Gulung

My soon-to-be aunt, who is a stewardess in Sriwijaya Air, flew to Jayapura last weekend and brought back two boxes of Roti Abon Gulung, woohoo! I have been wanting this local delicacy for ages and I finally got it, all thanks to her.

Aunty Echy brought a pack, which consists of two boxes of Roti Abon Gulung, while each box is filled with ten pieces of buns with five different toppings and fillings. The buns are available in five kinds, which are: beef floss, chocolate floss, cheese floss, chicken floss, and tuna floss. Each bun is almost as big as my fist, and the amount of the meat floss they used to make this babies are ridiculously generous.

I got a souvenir from Jayapura, woohoo!

Roti Abon Gulung is a rolled bread with meat floss filling. The original Roti Abon Gulung is actually filled with either beef floss or chicken floss and they are bigger in size - each bun shares the same length as my palm and as thick as my fist. But, then, they discovered new toppings and flavors to go with the bread and, thus, the result is the mini bread with a new twist. 

Aunty, you spoil me. 

From left to right: Tuna, chocolate, cheese, chicken, beef

I'm just in love with the buns! The bread is not soft and chewy like those buns that you can get at Bread Talk or Bread Life - they are rather thick and compact, and slightly heavier than most bread. The bread is filled with the meat floss, then rolled and shaped like a square. My favorite would be the beef floss and chicken floss, followed by the tuna floss, then the chocolate floss and, last but not least, the cheese floss.

Beef Floss Bun is my favorite. The bread is soaked with condense milk, then filled with savory and sweet beef floss, and topped with a wee bit of sesame seed and some more floss. You can smell the mouth-watering aroma of the bread teasing you. Combination of flavors explode in your mouth with just one bite. It was sweet and savory at the same time, and also meaty and juicy. The amount of beef floss they used in one bun was very generous compared to other buns that I bought here in Jakarta. Instant fave!

While the chicken floss bun shared the same physical appearance with beef floss bun yet sweeter taste in meat, the tuna floss bun had a strong tuna flavor in it and its' color is slightly softer and dominated by ecru. The chocolate bun and cheese bun were my least favorite, but they still tasted nice. 

Beef Floss Bun

Chicken Floss Bun

Tuna Floss Bun

Chocolate Floss Bun

Cheese Floss Bun

When you go to Jayapura, make sure you get yourself a box of this baby. You will probably miss one hell of delicious delicacy if you don't.

P.S. Aunty Nechy, if you're reading this, thank you so much for the Roti Abon Gulung! Safe flight!

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