Monday, January 19, 2015

Warung Pasta

If you're in the mood to chow down on good quality pasta with student-friendly price, then Warung Pasta is the place that you have to visit. Located at Kalimalang, WarPas is a bit tricky to find because of its' petite physic and it is hidden behind a towering tree. Even the billboard sign is clouded with tree branches. If you're coming from Jalan Caman Raya, you just have to go straight on Jalan K.H. Noer Alie and the restaurant will be on your left. 

Ambar, my chubby dorm mate, and I paid a visit to the pasta house and had some nice spaghetti for early dinner. Mine was a plate of Spicy Tako, consisted of your choice of pasta with olive oil, octopus, boiled egg, nori, and chilly pepper - in other words, I was having myself a plate of seafood pasta. The spaghetti is available in three portions: small, medium, and large. I went for the medium portion that costed me Rp25.000,00. 

My spaghetti was deliciously creamy and slightly fishy in a good way. I just love how the chef soft-boiled my egg. The yolk was slightly runny, while the egg white was a bit squishy even when it was nicely formed. I just love the flavor combination between the yolk and the creamy savory spaghetti. And the best part was, the creamy sauce didn't give me nausea like how creamy spaghetti usually does, which is an A+ for me. 

The savory and creamy Spicy Tako

Ambar had a plate of Meatlover Spaghetti. Consisted of your choice of pasta with meat sauce, minced meat, and cheese, this particular spaghetti tasted like the usual spaghetti marinara. The tomato sauce was very strong, and it was lacking of minced meat like they promised. It didn't taste that bad, but if I were Ambar, I would probably go for a different menu. 

Ambar's Meatlover Spaghetti

Being food lovers, Ambar and I, a medium portion of spaghetti just won't do, so we decided to order another dish: pizza pie. The pizza that we had was the Cheeze Me Up Pizza Pie, consisted of three kinds of cheese, crusty edges, and layered dough. I really enjoyed the combination of cheese and tomato sauce as its' topping, yet I'm not quite fond of the pie dough. It was thick and it had layers like pastry dough, but the taste was just a bit off.

The sight of the Cheeze Me Up Pizza Pie

Want some?

Overall, I would give this place 3 stars out of 5. Extra points for the budget-friendly price and the various portion. Definitely love the menu, with its' wide varieties of pasta and choice of seasoning, not to mention an endless selection of appetizer and dessert. Worth a visit!

Warung Pasta
Jalan K.H. Noer Alie, No. 1
Kalimalang Plaza, Bekasi

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