Saturday, February 28, 2015

Kellogg's Froot Loops

Froot Loops and fresh milk for breakfast

Bought this particular cereal back when I stayed in Doha, Qatar. My expectation is that Kellogg's Froot Loops would share a very similar kind of taste with Post's Fruity Pebbles, all sweet and amazingly fruity, but I was stand corrected. 

As I pour the cereal into a bowl, I was welcomed with a set of mini crispy donuts in purple, light green, and yellow colors. It was clearly not as colorful as Fruity Pebbles. Then, I took each donuts with each different colors and tasted it. They all tasted pretty much the same: honey like. I was disappointed by how the Froot Loops turned out to be. Other than the fact that they didn't taste fruity, they were lacking of sweetness too. Another minus point from me. 

They didn't taste as good as I expect them to be

Missing Pop Tarts

Hot Fudge Sundae Pop Tarts

The last time I had Pop Tarts was two years ago and, boy, do I miss this glazzy treats. Hot Fudge Sundae was the flavor of my last bite of Pop Tarts. Chocolate biscuit topped with sweet Vanilla frosting and chocolate ribbon, completed with rainbow colored chocolate sprinkles. What a treat! 

The swirly chocolate ribbons and rainbow sprinkles remind me of a party confetti

It's getting difficult to find Pop Tarts at Doha, Qatar. And the same thing goes in Jakarta. For some reason, I can't find them in the supermarket that I usually visit whenever I want to buy imported goods and snacks. Maybe people now are more willing to buy bread and jam than a box of tasteless biscuit with super sweet icing. Beats me. 

Of all the Pop Tarts flavors I have tried, Cookies & Creme and S'Mores, this Hot Fudge Sundae flavor doesn't have any big difference in terms of flavor and texture. It's the same basic tasteless and chewy chocolate biscuit, topped with a goo of super sweet yet so few Vanilla frosting that taste pretty much the same compared to the previous Pop Tarts I have tasted. The filling tasted a bit similar to Vanilla ice cream, but still with an inhuman ratio of artificial sweetness. But, despite the artificial goodness contained in this piece of pastry treat, I still miss the sweet chewy sensation of devouring a pack of Pop Tarts. 

Here, have a bite!

Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Sunday Morning Bagelwich

It was a bright and chilly Sunday morning. Mom and Dad were at Doha, Qatar, leaving me home alone for the entire weekend. I managed waking up earlier than usual that day, approximately at 6 o'clock. I got dressed, then I drove myself to Rumah Sakit Hewan Ragunan to visit my dog who was ill back then (may his soul rest in peace). 

After a quick quality time with Timo, I headed to my church to attend the early morning mass. I made a quick stop at a favorite bagel shop of mine in Kemang to grab me some breakfast. It was at 7 when I arrived at Bagel Bagel. They were still tyding things up at the shop, but the bagel sandwiches were already available to be served.

I ordered the Smoked Beef & Cheese Bagelwich - your choice of bagel sandwiching a nice slice of smoked beef, cheese spread, sliced cheese, and lettuce. I was going to ordered the Banana Caramel Bagel, but unfortunately they don't sell that particular menu anymore at Bagel Bagel. Bummer.

Loved, and will always love, the chewy texture of the bagels here at Bagel Bagel! I'm not a big fan of savory bagelwich, so the Smoked Ham & Cheese bagelwich was just okay for me. The smoked ham and cheese spread blended nicely with each other, and the lettuce made a fine intermezo between the combination of flavor. 

Since multitasking is not my forte, I ended up not finishing my bagelwich because it got thrown from my hand to the car's floor as I made a sudden break due to pedestrian passing by. It's a good thing I didn't hit any of them! I seriously did not see them crossing from the other side of the street. In the end, my bagelwich is the one who took the toll of my clumsiness. 

Bagel Bagel
Jalan Benda Raya No. 14D
Kemang 12560
Jakarta Selatan


Opening Hours:
Monday - Thursday: 7AM - 8PM
Friday - Sunday: 7AM - 9PM

Nasi Goreng Alpha Bravo

Sore ini akhirnya gue kesampean menyantap nasi goreng setelah ngidam parah dari entah kapan. Padahal tadinya nggak mau beli, dengan alasan mau mengatur pola makan demi cita-cita memiliki badan yang 11/12 sama Mila Kunis, tetapi apa daya ketika cacing-cacing di perut memberontak.

Nasi goreng yang gue beli adalah nasi goreng gerobakan yang biasanya dijual di area belakang barak, tepatnya barak Alpha dan Bravo. Biasanya si Bapak mulai jualan dari jam 4. Sampai kapannya sih terserah Bapaknya, jadi nggak ada jam tetap setiap harinya.

"Pak, nasi gorengnya satu ya, dibikin gurih, pedasnya sedang, pakai telur," yang kemudian dibalas dengan anggukan dari sang bapak. Nggak lama kemudian, mungkin sekitar sepuluh menit, nasi goreng gue pun jadi. Segera kami kembali ke barak dan menyantap nasi goreng itu bertiga.

Sumpah, nasi gorengnya memenuhi standar nasi goreng idaman gue! Nasinya nggak lengket, dimasaknya gurih dan agak kering. Bumbunya meresap banget dan pedasnya pas untuk seorang gue yang nggak kuat makan makanan pedas. Ada potongan-potongan ayam yang nyelip diantara tumpukan nasi gurih dan sesendok acar, yang dilengkapi dengan potongan tomat dan mentimun, dan seplastik kerupuk. Nggak butuh waktu lama bagi kami untuk menghabiskan nasi goreng ini sampai butir terakhir. 

Intinya, gue bahagia! Sayang saja porsi nasinya kurang banyak untuk tiga orang taruni rakus seperti kami.

Nasi Goreng Alpha Bravo
Belakang barak Alpha Bravo
Sekolah Tinggi Penerbangan Indonesia

- biasanya mulai jualan sekitar jam 4 -

Monday, February 23, 2015


My fellow comrade, who happens to love food and beverages like I do, saw a blog post of mine regarding Nescafe's French Vanilla flavored coffee. He told me about how Nescafe's Caramelicious is more delicious compared to the French Vanilla. "There are three varieties of flavor," he said, "and my favorite is the Caramelicious. It has been accompanying me ever since I continued my studies in Bandung, up until now.". He promised to buy one for me to taste, and he kept his promise.

Yesterday, I received the coffee carton. It was red in color, with eye-catching writings of "Nescafe" and "Caramelicious" written on it. "It's best if you drink it when it's cold because it tastes more bitter when it's in room temperature," he said whilst giving me the promised item. 

It was at around 10 PM when I received the coffee. Drinking coffee at night makes me all fidgety and anxious, not to mention trouble in falling asleep and messy bowel movement in the morning, so I kept it in my food cabinet here in my barrack and saved it for breakfast this morning. 

The coffee was not cold, but I drank it nonetheless. True, what my friend said, about the drink tastes more bitter when it's in room temperature. But, it didn't lessen the delicious sweet caramel flavor. It was not as creamy as the French Vanilla - in fact, it tasted a wee bit like a cup of coffee with too much watter in it, all bitter and slightly flavorless - but I enjoyed every sip of it.

All in all, Nescafe's Caramelicious would definitely complete your daily dose of caramel needs with its' combination of sweet and bitter flavor. Yet, if I have to choose between French Vanilla or Caramelicious, I would definitely go for the French Vanilla because I like it better than this one.

P.S. Thank you for the treat, Ressa! I'm looking forward to taste another favorite drink of yours. :D

Sunday, February 22, 2015

Taruna in Frame

As pilot cadets who enroll in Sekolah Tinggi Penerbangan Indonesia, we rarely get long weekends due to our tight schedule in the institution. Last Thursday was Chinese New Year, and we were lucky enough to be able to have a day off from the day before. We thought campus would immediately start on Friday, but then we received a news about how our headmistress was kind enough to extend our days off until Sunday. I was overwhelmed by the fact that we actually get a five days off from the institution. A chance like this is as rare as finding Waldo in Katy Perry's Candyfornia! 

To make a good use of our long weekend, the gang and I decided to do a rendezvous at Pantai Indah Kapuk to have culinary adventure. Ambar, my dorm mate at Sekolah Tinggi Penerbangan Indonesia, slept over at my house on Thursday night. We ganged up with Gavin and Aryo in the morning and headed to PIK approximately at 10. Gita, who is also my dorm mate, caught up with us just before shalat Jumat with her boyfriend/myclassmate, Ramdhan. 

Our first stop was Hakata Ikkousha.

It was an hour before mid noon when we arrived at the ramen house. The restaurant was still unoccupied by hungry citizen, getting us a table was as easy as going in an amusement at Disneyland with a fast track ticket.



Gavin's cold ocha

Aryo's milk drink with tapioca bubbles

Crepe tester from Fold Crepe Annie - love the Oreo Crepe so much!

Happy Hour was at 11AM - 2PM. For every purchase of ramen, we get a discount for chicken karage, fried gyoza, or grilled gyoza by only paying Rp9.800,00 for each portion. Being a sane person, that I am, I quickly ordered myself a bowl of Ramen Babi Spesial and a plate of grilled pork gyoza. If it wasn't for the Happy Hour, I would get charge more or less Rp30.000,00 for a plate of gyoza. Crazy, right? 

Loving the lovely and appealing presentation of my noodke. My Special Pork Ramen was served with a dash of sesame seed, soft boiled egg, chopped leek, and sliced pork. Two thumbs up for the runny egg yolk! 

Compared to Ramen 38 - Sanpachi, my ramen broth was rich in flavor, yet slightly salty to my taste, and less thick. The noodle was cooked well done, making it tender and less chewy. If only the waitresses were concern enough to ask how we wanted our noodle, like they do at Ramen 38, I would definitely have my noodle curled up in a medium well goodness. I'm not satisfied with the super thin pork slices. Even though it tasted deliciously fatty and savory, they could definitely thicken the cut. It's a good thing the dish was big in size and they soft boiled their egg, or else I would rate the ramen house a 6 out of 10 instead of a 7.4. 

Ramen Babi Spesial - 55K

Grilled Pork Gyoza

I ordered a plate of Grilled Pork Gyoza as a side dish, while Aryo had the deep-fried ones and Gavin had Chicken Karage. We shared our side dishes and even tasted each other's ramen broth - in which I conclude that Gavin's Chicken Curry Ramen's broth was very typical with Indomie's Mie Kari Ayam, while Ambar's ramen broth is the spicier and chicken version of my Special Pork Ramen, and Aryo's Pork Shoyu Ramen was savory with a hint of sourness here and there. 

The gyoza shared the same size with my thumb and the filling was not that generous. My grilled gyoza tasted excellently savory, even when it was rather oily for a dumpling skin with very few minced-pork filling, and the edges were deliciously chewy and crunchy. Aryo's gyoza was crispier than mine and shared the same taste. I'm not fond of Gavin's Chicken Karage because they were super oily and they were over coated with batter. The chicken itself was spicy and sweet at the same time, which tasted a bit off for me.

Aryo's Pork Shoyu Ramen - 58K

Aryo prefers to have Fried Pork Gyoza to accompany his ramen with

Ambar's Ramen Ayam Tamtam - 58K

Gavin's Chicken Curry Ramen - 58K

A plate of Chicken Karage that belonged to Gavin

Boy, were we stuffed! The portion of the dishes at Hakata Ikkousha was big enough to make cadets like us feel full. We had to wait for around an hour to let the food go down to our digestion system before we could make it to our next stop, Shirokuma.

Yup, Shirokuma. I clearly stated on my previous post about Shirokuma that the dessert place was simply overrated. So, what made me go back to the soft cream palace and decided to give it another chance? Simply, the adorable limited edition dessert: Delicutesh Cream!

My Delicutesh Cream, woohoo!

Delicutesh Cream consists of panda-shaped mixed soft cream on a cone. The dessert is only available during the month of love and it has a limited serving per day. I fell in love with the adorable looking panda ice cream, so I decided to give it a go. 

As I told you before, despite the creamy texture of the soft cream, I am not satisfied with the matcha soft cream. The green tea flavor was not strong enough to be called "green tea" and it was dominated by the bitterness instead of the sweetness. I had a hard time devouring the awful bitterness of the green tea, but I made it eventually. In the end, I can still conclude that Shirokuma is simply overrated, and that the Delicutesh Cream would definitely gain love from its' lovely appearance but not from its' sweet deliciousness. 

The adorable Female Panda Cone

Gavin ordered a glass of Green Tea Latte that tasted none like latte but more like water with green tea powder. It was clearly a BIG NO for me. On the other hand, Aryo seemed to enjoyed his Twist Soft Cream. The soft cream melted very quickly, making him had to lick the vanilla and green tea soft cream that dripped all over his hand. 

Green Tea Latte - 25K

Twist Soft Cream - 15K

Sharing your ice cream is good, people!

Not satisfied with my ice cream, we decided to visit another ice cream cafe, the Northpole Cafe. I've been curious with this particular dessert house, simply because of its' various choices of ice cream flavor. I surfed the web about its' whereabout and explored Instagram just to find beautiful pictures of its' ice cream that made me go fidgety. Luckily, Northpole is only three restaurants away from Shirokuma, so we only had to walk a bit instead of driving ourselves. 

The new dessert join specializes in ice cream. They have four choices of ice cream cone, with 16 different flavors of ice cream that costed you Rp25.000,00 each. Three of the flavors are exclusive flavors that will costed you another Rp10.000,00, which are Baileys, Diablo Beer, and Choco Ferrero. 

Same like Baskin Robbins, they have this policy that allows the consumer to taste the ice cream before they can decided which flavor to get. Curious about the beer flavored ice cream, I asked the ice cream lady for a tiny spoon of it. The moment the ice cream made contact with my taste buds, it became clear to me why they sell it for Rp35.000,00. The beer flavor is strong in this one, very bitter like how a beer should taste, yet there was a hint of vanilla sweetness here and there. I'm not a big fan of beer, so tasting is enough for me. But for those who fancy the bubbly and fizzy sensation of Diablo beer, you should definitely get the ice cream!

I went for the Salted Caramel ice cream with Oreo cone. Even when the cone was super small, on the edge of it was a generous amount of melted marshmallow and Oreo crumbs that tasted superb! I didn't know Oreo and marshmallow worked well with each other, especially with a scoop of the salty and sweet Salted Caramel ice cream. 

Salted Caramel Ice Cream with Oreo cone - 40K

Gavin's share of ice cream with plain cone - 25K

We tasted each other's ice cream and they all tasted sooooo good! Ambar's Choco Lemon Ice Cream was very chocolaty with a strong lemon flavor, yet Gita's Choco Ferrero was way more chocolaty than Ambar's - even when it was hard for me to distinguish the Ferrero chocolate inside. Aryo decided to get creative with his dessert combination, so he went for the Hazelnut Ice Cream with Fruity Loops cone. 

I know, the dessert at this cafe can be pretty pricey, but I don't see why you can't enjoy good quality ice cream once in a while.

Ambar's Choco Lemon Ice Cream - 25K

Again, sharing is good!

Aryo's Hazelnut Ice Cream with Fruity Loops cone - 40K

Gita's Choco Ferrero with Milo cone - 50K

After we screamed for ice cream, we move on to our last pit stop, which was LOCALE24 Diner & Bar. We only had drinks at this restaurant/bar, while we wait for a couple of friends to join in the fun. I had a glass of Pina Colada that was overflowing with coconut. It was rather challenging for me to finish my drink because I didn't enjoy it at all. Same thing with Gavin and his Mojito that definitely used green food coloring and syrup in the making. Unfortunately, the battery in my Mom's Leica died just as I was about to take picture of the drinks, so, no pictures in this one. 

It was fun having culinary adventure with my fellow heavy eaters. True, we only visited four restaurants that day, but we also shopped for street snacks on our way to Pantai Indah Kapuk - such as the sensational Hot Jeletot, boiled quail eggs, and cheap cheese sticks. Not to mention, I bought a portion of Nasi Bungkus with grilled fish, tempe, and salted duck egg on my way home. Can you imagine how much weight I can gain in just one day? 

"The time you enjoy wasting is not wasted time."

Hakata Ikkousha
Ruko Garden House, Blok B
Bukit Gold Mediterania
Jalan Raya Pantai Indah Kapuk
Pantai Indah Kapuk, Jakarta

Opening Hours:
Monday - Sunday: 11AM - 10PM



Ruko Crown Golf, Blok A No. 23
Bukit Golf Mediterania, Jalan Pantai Indah Kapuk
Pantai Indah Kapuk, Jakarta

Opening Hours
Monday - Sunday: 12PM - 10PM

Northpole Cafe
Ruko Crown Golf, Blok A No. 57
Bukit Gold Mediterania
Jalan Marina Indah Raya
Pantai Indah Kapuk, Jakarta

Opening Hours: 
Monday - Sunday: 12PM - 10PM


LOCALE24 Diner & Bar

Ruko Gardon House, Blok B10-11 
Bukit Golf Mediterania
Jalan Raya Pantai Indah Kapuk
Pantai Indah Kapuk, Jakarta

Opening Hours: 24 Hours


Wednesday, February 18, 2015

First Attempt at Making Eggs Benedict

So, today, I made my very first Eggs Benedict, woohoo!

I have been dying to try making this American breakfast since yesterday. I don't know what came up to me, but there was this sudden urge to make this dish. I surfed the website for its' recipe and watched some how-to videos on YouTube to ease the curiosity. And, then, I stumbled upon a particular video of Gordon Ramsay, a British chef famous for his deadly remarks in Master Chef and Hell's Kitchen, making Eggs Benedict under five minutes. I became more obsessed to make the dish. 

The ingredients used to make Eggs Benedict is not that complicated, as well as the process to make it. First, you need to make the Hollandaise Sauce - a mixture of egg yolk, vinegar, salt, pepper, and melted butter - then you will have to poach your egg with a water and vinegar mixture, which when nicely poached will then be placed on top of your choice of ham, or smoked beef, and English muffin. Pretty simple, right? "Meh, if Ramsay could do it, then I can do it," I said to myself. In the end, I ended up consuming approximately two hours to make a five minute dish. 

I almost screw up my Hollandaise Sauce. My egg mixture didn't get enough heat from the pan with boiling water underneath, so it didn't thicken up. Thank God, Mom came to the rescue, resulting in a thick and creamy soft yellow sauce. The consistency of my sauce was similar to Chef Ramsay's and I was happy with it. 

As for the taste, I squeezed to much lime juice into the mixture, which ended up making the sauce dominated with a sour taste. And, on the one hand, I was supposed to use lemon instead of lime, but, because I didn't have any lemon, a lime would have to do. I also didn't have enough butter, so I just used the remaining leftover that I found in the fridge. 

When I was done making the Hollandaise Sauce, I was hoping for a slight acidic and sour mixture - with a hint of saltiness and peppery effect - but what I got was a very sour and eggy sauce. Not sure if I hit the right flavor, for I have never taste a Hollandaise Sauce before in my life. 

Pouching the eggs was my favorite thing to do when making Eggs Benedict. The thing is, we have to pouch our egg inside a water and vinegar mixture. The vinegar helps the egg white to stay intact, instead of tearing apart like they do when they are pouched with regular water. 

I did exactly like Chef Ramsay did in the video: crack the egg and put it inside a cup, stir the boiling water before you put in the egg, and pour the egg in using the cup to prevent it from running around inside the pan. The trick was very helpful. My egg stayed on the center of the pan and the egg white started to enveloped the egg yolk without tearing apart allover the place. 

I pouched two eggs, one was around 3 minutes, while the other was cooked two minutes longer. I was more satisfied with my second egg because when the egg white is nicely cooked, the egg yolk was gooey and runny. 

Since I didn't have any English muffins at home, I used a regular bread loafs instead. I shaped the loafs with the mouth of a glass, resulting in a round shape bread that looks similar to an English muffin. I toasted the bread, just so that I would get the crispiness on the edges. I also used smoked beef instead of ham because, well, it was the only layered meat available in my fridge. 

When all the ingredients are cook and prepared, it was time to decorate the plate. Simply put your toast on a plate, then top it when smoked beef, pouched egg, and Hollandaise Sauce. Add a wee bit of pepper to lighten up the party and voila! your very own Eggs Benedict. 

What do you think of my presentation? Ain't too shabby, right?

Again, making Eggs Benedict is very simple and not the slightest bit complicated. As long as you follow the recipe and instruction on how to make it, then you will not stumbled upon obstacles like I did. Remember, there is no wrong way to make Eggs Benedict, yet "If you must fail, fail spectacularly!"

Sunday, February 15, 2015

Es Krim Medan Samping Gereja

Es krim medan langganan gue setiap pulang gereja

Setiap gue ke gereja, pasti gue selalu nyempetin diri buat mampir ke mamang-mamang bersepeda motor yang suka jualan Es Krim Medan tepat di samping gedung gereja. Harganya murah, hanya Rp7.000,00, tapi hari ini ada kenaikan harga seribu - mungkin mamangnya lelah semaleman ngaduk-ngaduk susu dan ngedinginin hasil olahan susunya sampai jadi es krim, belum lagi keluar ongkos bensin untuk perjalanan dari rumahnya ke GKI Kebayoran Baru untuk jualan. 

Es krim yang dicampur aduk dalam kontainer

Ya, dipilih! Dipilih! Dipilih!

Es krim ini disimpan didalam kontainer yang dimasukkan ke dalam cool box, supaya mencegah es krimnya meleleh duluan sebelum terjual habis. Nah, didalam kontainer ini, semua varian rasa es krim dicampur jadi satu, tapi dipisah-pisah per baris. Rasanya macem-macem, mulai dari coklat, stroberi, vanila, alpukat, duren, nangka, bahkan jeruk. 

Kalau favorit gue sih es krim duren, soalnya rasa durennya lebih dominan dibandingin dengan rasa susunya. Belum lagi suka ada potongan-potongan duren nyempil didalam es krim. Biasanya gue suka makan es krim ini dengan roti burger, jadinya kayak ice cream sandwich gitu, soalnya lebih kenyang. Tapi, gelas juga tersedia kok buat lo yang males dengan kemungkinan es krimnya bakal cair dan tumpah-tumpah di tangan lo kalau dimakan dengan roti. Untuk es krim yang disajikan menggunakan gelas, harganya beda Rp2.000,00 dengan yang disajikan pakai roti burger, karena isi es krimnya lebih banyak berhubung tempatnya lebih besar.  

Biasanya mamangnya hanya ngasih tiga scoop per porsinya, tapi kadang kalau lagi baik, gue suka dikasih tambahan setengah scoop. Apa lah arti setengah scoop? Ya, kenapa nggak kalau lo bisa ngedapetin porsi lebih secara cuma-cuma? 

Sarapan setiap hari Minggu pagi

Es Krim Medan
Disamping Gereja GKI Kebayoran Baru
Jalan Panglima Polim, No. 51 A
Daerah Khusus Ibukota Jakarta, 12160

- Biasanya mulai jualan jam 10 pagi -

1030 Cakes & Quickbreads' Sticky Chewy Choco Brownies

Happy Post-valentine's Day! <3

I got a package from 1030 Cakes & Quickbreads today, woohoo! It was raining when Pak Yon, the name of the manager of a cafe where I worked a couple years ago, parked his car in front of my house to give me the package. It turned out, Pak Yon made an online cake shop, in which you can get yourselves a box of homemade baked cakes and breads with lovely packaging. He contacted me a few weeks ago, telling me that he would like to send out some of the products for me to taste. It didn't take long for me to accept the offer. 

So, today, I have received a box of brownies from 1030 Cakes & Quickbreads. It goes by the name Sticky Chewy Choco Brownies. It came inside a black box wrapped in silver ribbon. It is said that the baked good contains an "addicted effect", making me became more and more curious about the homemade brownies. 

The brownies was wrapped with aluminum foil and there was a sticker on the edge of it to make it look more neat. I tear open the aluminum foil and was welcomed with another sheet of what it seems to be parchment paper. I have to give an extra point for the fact that 1030 Cakes & Quickbreads did some serious wrapping method for their product, all sealed and clean, even when it made me feel like I was given a prank where I have to tear layers and layers of sheet for a no-good mischievous joke. And after a set of paper tearing, I could finally see the sticky and chewy brownies. 

Sticky Chewy Choco Brownies was its' name. The appearance of the baked brownies looked promising. All dark and brown - which tells us that it was nicely baked - garnished with some almonds, and a crack on the surface that made the brownies looked even more palatable. The brownies itself was light, both sliced and intact, and the edge was very crunchy - which made it crumbled a bit when Mom sliced it with a knife.

I was hoping for a thick gooey and fudgy brownies, yet I what I got was a rather airy and light chocolate cake instead. As I savor the texture and flavor of the brownies, it became clear to me that the brownies tasted more like a simple chocolate cake than a Sticky Chewy Choco Brownies. It was not sticky, nor chewy, at all. 

For those who are into brownies that are not fudgy and thickly sickening, then you would love 1030 Cakes & Quickbread's Sticky Chewy Choco Brownies. But, for those who fancy a gooey and heavy set of brownies, like I do (especially when it contains lots of nuts and accompanied with a scoop of vanilla ice cream) sorry to say that 1030 Cakes & Quickbreads' brownies is not your soulmate. 

1030 Cakes & Quickbreads