Sunday, February 15, 2015

1030 Cakes & Quickbreads' Sticky Chewy Choco Brownies

Happy Post-valentine's Day! <3

I got a package from 1030 Cakes & Quickbreads today, woohoo! It was raining when Pak Yon, the name of the manager of a cafe where I worked a couple years ago, parked his car in front of my house to give me the package. It turned out, Pak Yon made an online cake shop, in which you can get yourselves a box of homemade baked cakes and breads with lovely packaging. He contacted me a few weeks ago, telling me that he would like to send out some of the products for me to taste. It didn't take long for me to accept the offer. 

So, today, I have received a box of brownies from 1030 Cakes & Quickbreads. It goes by the name Sticky Chewy Choco Brownies. It came inside a black box wrapped in silver ribbon. It is said that the baked good contains an "addicted effect", making me became more and more curious about the homemade brownies. 

The brownies was wrapped with aluminum foil and there was a sticker on the edge of it to make it look more neat. I tear open the aluminum foil and was welcomed with another sheet of what it seems to be parchment paper. I have to give an extra point for the fact that 1030 Cakes & Quickbreads did some serious wrapping method for their product, all sealed and clean, even when it made me feel like I was given a prank where I have to tear layers and layers of sheet for a no-good mischievous joke. And after a set of paper tearing, I could finally see the sticky and chewy brownies. 

Sticky Chewy Choco Brownies was its' name. The appearance of the baked brownies looked promising. All dark and brown - which tells us that it was nicely baked - garnished with some almonds, and a crack on the surface that made the brownies looked even more palatable. The brownies itself was light, both sliced and intact, and the edge was very crunchy - which made it crumbled a bit when Mom sliced it with a knife.

I was hoping for a thick gooey and fudgy brownies, yet I what I got was a rather airy and light chocolate cake instead. As I savor the texture and flavor of the brownies, it became clear to me that the brownies tasted more like a simple chocolate cake than a Sticky Chewy Choco Brownies. It was not sticky, nor chewy, at all. 

For those who are into brownies that are not fudgy and thickly sickening, then you would love 1030 Cakes & Quickbread's Sticky Chewy Choco Brownies. But, for those who fancy a gooey and heavy set of brownies, like I do (especially when it contains lots of nuts and accompanied with a scoop of vanilla ice cream) sorry to say that 1030 Cakes & Quickbreads' brownies is not your soulmate. 

1030 Cakes & Quickbreads

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