Monday, February 23, 2015


My fellow comrade, who happens to love food and beverages like I do, saw a blog post of mine regarding Nescafe's French Vanilla flavored coffee. He told me about how Nescafe's Caramelicious is more delicious compared to the French Vanilla. "There are three varieties of flavor," he said, "and my favorite is the Caramelicious. It has been accompanying me ever since I continued my studies in Bandung, up until now.". He promised to buy one for me to taste, and he kept his promise.

Yesterday, I received the coffee carton. It was red in color, with eye-catching writings of "Nescafe" and "Caramelicious" written on it. "It's best if you drink it when it's cold because it tastes more bitter when it's in room temperature," he said whilst giving me the promised item. 

It was at around 10 PM when I received the coffee. Drinking coffee at night makes me all fidgety and anxious, not to mention trouble in falling asleep and messy bowel movement in the morning, so I kept it in my food cabinet here in my barrack and saved it for breakfast this morning. 

The coffee was not cold, but I drank it nonetheless. True, what my friend said, about the drink tastes more bitter when it's in room temperature. But, it didn't lessen the delicious sweet caramel flavor. It was not as creamy as the French Vanilla - in fact, it tasted a wee bit like a cup of coffee with too much watter in it, all bitter and slightly flavorless - but I enjoyed every sip of it.

All in all, Nescafe's Caramelicious would definitely complete your daily dose of caramel needs with its' combination of sweet and bitter flavor. Yet, if I have to choose between French Vanilla or Caramelicious, I would definitely go for the French Vanilla because I like it better than this one.

P.S. Thank you for the treat, Ressa! I'm looking forward to taste another favorite drink of yours. :D

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