Sunday, February 1, 2015

FREEZE's Dragon Cookies

FREEZE: Create your ultimate ice cream

Liquid Nitrogen dessert would probably be the highlight of fusion dessert in the late 2014. News of brand new ice cream parlors that use liquid nitrogen to make their ice creams popped up every now and then last year it felt like as if it's trying to dominate the world. Them ice cream man are basically using liquid nitrogen to freeze the cream they use to make the ice cream, resulting a more long-lasting ice cream compared to regular soft cream that you can buy at McDonalds. 

One of the ice cream parlor that made their ice cream using liquid nitrogen is FREEZE, located at the food court in Pondok Indah Mall 2, and other malls as well. Same like any other dessert house, this particular joint serves you various choices of frozen ice cream flavors with countless selection of toppings. But, other than ice cream, they have a signature product that captivated the curiosity of the citizen: Dragon Cookies.

Get your Dragon Cookies here!

The Dynamic Duo on duty

"What are dragon cookies," you asked. Why, they are simply cookies dipped in liquid nitrogen. By drowning the cookies into liquid nitrogen, the cookies will eventually hit its' freezing point and, well, freeze. When we eat it, as the cookies made contact with our warm mouth, it will produce white smoke that will come out from our nose and mouth, hence making us look like a fire-breathing dragon. Thus, the dragon cookies. 

Liquid nitrogen produces white smokes when they make contact with objects with higher temperature

In the midst of making Dragon Cookies

The place is super crowded back in 2014, when it was very popular. I had to wait in line for almost 20 minutes just to place my order, then add in another 15 minutes waiting for it to be prepared. But, as time goes by, fewer people pay visits to FREEZE. 

There are two choices of cookies that can be used to make your dragon cookies, Arnots' Good Times cookies, or Oreos. I usually chose the Oreos because they are bigger and thicker compared to Arnots. Each dragon cookies costs Rp4.000,00 - in which, if I add Rp11.000,00 more, I can get myself a dozen of it at the supermarket. Very pricey for a piece of cookie, don't you think? But, I don't mind spending a few Rupiah just to get some smoke-blowing action. It's fun, you know!

A guide on how to become a dragon

Your time is limited when you indulge in Dragon Cookies. The longer it makes contact with the surrounding atmosphere, the quicker it will lose its' below-zero-degree temperature and, soon, it will turn back into normal Oreos. In other words, you won't be able to blow white smoke when you eat the Oreo you might as well bid your dream of becoming a dragon good bye. 

Let me remind you that the cookies are frozen, so, you might want to expect severe pain or stinging sensation when you bite into it - especially if you have sensitive teeth. On the one hand, your tongue can also get irritated from the cold, with burning sensation and minor ulcer afterwards. 

Curious, aren't you? Go on. Try it. 

Can you see the snow-like flakes on the surface of the Oreo?

Level 2 Food Court
Mall Pondok Indah (PIM 2)

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