Sunday, February 15, 2015

Frozen Ben: Ice Cream Wafer Stick

Frozen Ben: Ice Cream Wafer Stick

I accidentally found this gem while I was accompanying Mom and Dad looking for a pair of glasses. As they were busy trying out which glasses fit their face shape best, I strolled around the gloomy looking building to keep myself entertained. And that is when I stumbled upon this ice cream booth. 

This ice cream booth is using England as its' design concept

Frozen Ben, with a booth shaped like a double-decker bus from England, is a small soft cream booth located on the ground floor of Blok M Square. In here, you can get yourself some soft ice cream, with two choice of flavor, which are vanilla and chocolate, with wafer stick as its' cone. Pretty unique, don't you think? It shares a similar concept with an ice cream brand from Korea named Yi•Kon, where the soft cream is injected inside the stick. 

There are various choices of wafer stick, here at Frozen Ben, and the price varies depend on the topping of the wafer stick. I have only tried two types of wafer stick, which were the Cookies & Cream and Chocolate Peanut - and at the bottom of the wafer stick is a thin layer of chocolate to prevent the soft cream from dripping all over your hand as you eat it. The wafer itself was crunchy and rather thick, while I was expecting a flaky one-layered rolled crunch. 

Both tasted delicious, but it would probably be a favorite of mine if they happen to make a Chocolate Peanut Cookies & Cream wafer stick. Am I being greedy? 

What is your favorite topping and flavor?

Can I try them all?

Your choice of wafer sticks for your ice cream

I usually favors vanilla ice cream more than chocolate ice cream, but today was an exception. I decided to mix my soft cream and have it with the Chocolate Peanut wafer stick - the soft cream is chilly and frozen enough not to melt and drip all over my hand. I love the chocolate soft cream more than the vanilla, because it had this thick and creamy chocolate flavor that reminds me of Diamond's chocolate milk. Not to mention the soft cream had a pretty balance scale of sweetness for my liking. With less than Rp20.000,00, you can definitely enjoy this frozen treats. 

I'm thinking of having Frozen Ben for breakfast. What do you think? 

In the midst of injecting soft cream into the wafer stick

Just beautiful!

Do you want some?

Frozen Ben
Blok M Square, Upper Ground Floor
Jalan Melawai Raya, Melawai
Melawai, Jakarta Selatan

Opening Hours:
Monday - Sunday: 10AM - 10 PM



  1. looks yummy! btw, which one do you think best Frozen Ben or Jeju Ice Cream?

    1. Loving Frozen Ben more than Jeju Ice Cream, simply because of the cone, haha! While Jeju's using corn cone, which I'm not fond of, Ben's using a simple chocolate wafer stick. Pure love!

  2. Where can i find this kind of ice cream ? I wanted to try some ._.)

    1. Semoga masih ada di Blok M Square, saya belinya di situ soalnya. :)