Saturday, February 28, 2015

Missing Pop Tarts

Hot Fudge Sundae Pop Tarts

The last time I had Pop Tarts was two years ago and, boy, do I miss this glazzy treats. Hot Fudge Sundae was the flavor of my last bite of Pop Tarts. Chocolate biscuit topped with sweet Vanilla frosting and chocolate ribbon, completed with rainbow colored chocolate sprinkles. What a treat! 

The swirly chocolate ribbons and rainbow sprinkles remind me of a party confetti

It's getting difficult to find Pop Tarts at Doha, Qatar. And the same thing goes in Jakarta. For some reason, I can't find them in the supermarket that I usually visit whenever I want to buy imported goods and snacks. Maybe people now are more willing to buy bread and jam than a box of tasteless biscuit with super sweet icing. Beats me. 

Of all the Pop Tarts flavors I have tried, Cookies & Creme and S'Mores, this Hot Fudge Sundae flavor doesn't have any big difference in terms of flavor and texture. It's the same basic tasteless and chewy chocolate biscuit, topped with a goo of super sweet yet so few Vanilla frosting that taste pretty much the same compared to the previous Pop Tarts I have tasted. The filling tasted a bit similar to Vanilla ice cream, but still with an inhuman ratio of artificial sweetness. But, despite the artificial goodness contained in this piece of pastry treat, I still miss the sweet chewy sensation of devouring a pack of Pop Tarts. 

Here, have a bite!

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