Sunday, February 8, 2015

Pia & Pie

So, my Mom just got back from Bali and she didn't come home empty handed, woohoo! Other than the pork jerky and Sate Lilit Bali that she brought, she also bought a box of Pie Susu Bali and Pia Legong. Both of these babies are two of the most popular food and souvenir one can ever find in Bali, and they are also my favorite. 

Pie Susu Bali "Asli Enaaak" is the first brand of pie susu in Bali. It has been active producing batches of the most delicious milk tart since 1989. True, this particular brand of pie susu is a bit expensive compared to the pie susu that I usually buy from my friend, yet price determines the quality of the product. While some pie susu have tasteless crust and funky tasting filling, this pie susu has a stiff and thin savory crust and in the middle of it is a gooey and deliciously sweet mixture of milk and egg that blends nicely with the crust. Pure awesomeness. 

Pie Susu Bali "Asli Enaaak"

I can never get enough of these babies

Want some?

On the one hand, Pia Legong is also a treat for tourists in Bali. You can only get yourself a box of Pia Legong at Ruko Megah No. 15, at Jalan Raya By Pass Ngurah Rai, because it is the only official place where they sell the product. Same like Pie Susu Bali "Asli Enaaak", Pia Legong is more expensive compared to other pia that you can find roaming around the streets of Bali, because the factory only made a limited set of batch each day, so you have to compete with other buyers to get your box of pia.

Pia Legong is famous for its delicious filling and flaky crust. There are three varieties of Pia Legong, which are Chocolate Pia, Cheese Pia, and Mung Bean Pia. My favorite would be the Chocolate Pia, even though the other two tasted as good. I just can't get enough of it!

Pia Legong

A favorite of mine: Chocolate Pia Legong

Cheese Pia Legong

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