Sunday, March 8, 2015

Homemade Choux

Today, I received a batch of homemade choux from Baruna, my adoptive junior - also known as adik asuh here at the institution. He made the choux all by himself and, boy, did he do a great job at it! 

The homemade choux was puffy and very light - it had this kind of texture and appearance that would deffinitely make me fall for it if someone were to tell me that the choux was bought at some bakery or cake shop. My batch of choux were made yesterday, which explains why the pastry was slightly flabby. 

They were filled with sweet cream that was very sweet and foamy. For me, the cream has this sickening kind of sweetness if you consume it too much. Yet, for Gita (my dorm mate whom I share the choux with), it was fine and dandy. The inner part of the choux was soggy from making contact with the cream. A bit disturbing because I don't like soggy pastry, but it was still enjoyable and delicious.

I'm giving a 7 out of 10 for these homemade choux! I would definitely add another one and a half if the choux was served fresh from the oven and the cream was thicker and more custardy. 

P.S. Happy Belated Birthday, Baruna! I wish you all the good things in the world. And thank you for the homemade choux, they were lovely! 

P.P.S. Pardon the lack of good quality in those pictures I used in the post. The lighting in my barrack did no justice to the choux. 

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