Saturday, May 30, 2015

Kue Ape

This particular street food is famous for its' physical appearance that resembles a woman's breast. Its' basic ingredients consists of flour and milk, with an addition of sugar to make it taste sweet. Natural food coloring, such as pandan leaf, is also used to give a hint of green in this munchie.

I live my life without the absence of the street food, as I usually spend Rp10.000,00 to get me five of this babies every Sunday after church when I feel like it. Surely, Indonesian citizen are already familiar with this particular snack. But, for those who aren't, allow me introduce you to the famous Kue Ape.

Kue Ape vendor near my church

A set of Kue Ape molder

As I have said before, Kue Ape is famous for its' physical appearance that resembles a woman's breasts. Half of the population in Jakarta are more familiar with the term Kue Tetek, instead of Kue Ape, as tetek is a slang in Indonesian for breasts.

How does it resembles a woman's breast, you asked. Well, the food itself is basically a super super thin pancake molded in a tiny pan - it is round in shape, with super thin crust on the sides and chewy cooked batter in the middle. Now, the chewy part in the middle of the Kue Ape peaked as the batter cooks, making it looks like a tense nipple, hence the origin of the name for this famous Jakartans street food. 

Look at that thin crust!

Kue Ape doesn't vary much in color, as they only come in two kinds, white and green. I have always think that the vendor used a generous amount of pandan leaf to make the green Kue Ape batter. But, there is also a chance that he is using an artificial food coloring to color the batter to save time and energy. Who knows? As for the white Kue Ape batter,  I assume the vendor didn't add any coloring into the mixture. 

My favorite part of Kue Ape is, obviously, the thin crust! I'm not a big fan of the "nipple" simply because is not as fun and crispy as the crust. In terms of flavor and taste, both crust and middle part are as sweet and as floury. Sometimes, the sugary goodness gradually develops into a bitter after taste, as if the vendor is using a low quality sugar. But, all in all, it is still fun to munch on this babies! 

Pandan flavored Kue Ape

Does it looks like yours?

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