Sunday, July 5, 2015

Bagel Bagel's Lox Bagelwich

And, for the hundredth time, I made my way back to my favorite bagel shop located at Kemang, Jakarta Selatan, to indulge myself in its' warm and delicious selection of Bagelwich. 

Thanks to my best buddy, Sally, who introduced me to this bagel shop, Bagel Bagel has become the number one bagel shop that I always visit whenever I'm in the mood for some chewy and scrumptious yeasted wheat dough with cream cheese. This bagel shop specialized in Bagelwich and, boy, have I tried various fillings to go with my bagel. I had me the Banana and Caramel Bagelwich (which is no longer produced at the shop, God knows why), the Smoked Beef and Cheese Bagelwich, the Philly Cheese Steak Bagelwich, and the Thai Spicy Chicken Bagelwich. This time, I decided to try something unique, which is the Lox Bagelwich. 

Bagel Bagel's Lox Bagelwich contains a quite generous amount of sliced smoked salmon, a heavy and delightfully savory spread of cream cheese, a couple rings of red onion, and a handful of capers. 

Lox, for those who don't know, is fillet smoked salmon. Compared to those raw salmon that we usually slurp at sushi restaurants, lox tasted less sweet and saltier. The ones that they have at Bagel Bagel was quite odorless, slightly salty, and slightly smoky. The meat was tender and enjoyable, but I have to say that I'm more of a fan of raw salmon more than smoked salmon. 

It was my first time to eat capers. They were sour and tangy. I didn't like them as I don't enjoy pickled veggies much like my Mom does. Without the capers, the Lox Bagelwich tasted pretty bland. All I could taste was the bagel, the poppy seeds, and the cream cheese. I could only find a faint smokiness from the smoked salmon. The red onion didn't do quite much in adding extra flavor to the bagelwich though. 

Clearly, the Lox Bagelwich is not my favorite. My favorite bagelwich from Bagel Bagel is still, and will always be, the Banana Caramel Bagelwich. Too bad they took it out from the menu, I'm not sure why. 

Bagel Bagel
Jalan Benda Raya No. 14D
Kemang 12560
Jakarta Selatan


Opening Hours:
Monday - Thursday: 7AM - 8PM
Friday - Sunday: 7AM - 9PM

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