Saturday, July 25, 2015

Milka & Oreo Chocolate Bar

I am currently obsessed with Milka & Oreo Chocolate Bar. Bought this one at Hamad International Airport at Doha, Qatar, when I got time to spare before I board the aircraft that would take me back home to Jakarta. 

There were various choices of Milka bars flavors. Some of them were pretty unique and unlikely to find here in Indonesia. The chocolate bars were on a PAY 3 FOR 4 discount thing, but I only bought one because each bar costs 30 Riyal and I don't have that sum of money to spend. (30 Riyal is equal to Rp111.000,00. These chocolates are expensive.)

Basically, Milka & Oreo Chocolate Bar is a milk chocolate bar with Oreos inside. I was not disappointed by the presentation of the chocolate bar because there was no difference between the advertisement version and the real thing. 

The chocolate was sweet. It had this kind of sweetness that would hurt your teeth and make you nauseous if you eat it too much. I'm not really into white cream, but the generous amount of Oreos manage to cover that up. 

I like my chocolate in room temperature, where it's not brick-hard, yet not liquified either. The well-known Milka milk chocolate was very smooth yet chewable, while the vanilla cream went all creamy and mushy in a quick snap. The Oreos was like the cherry on top of a perfect ice cream Sundae, it completes the chocolate bar. 

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